Make a Real Escape and take comfort in Dee’s

Wanna enjoy a day full of mystery, mind games, challenges … and nachos? Well ya gotta book a Real Escape Game for you and your friends! We were thinking – what better way to celebrate your freedom after making it out of the Escape Room than hanging with us at Dee’s?? That’s right, we’ve partnered with Real Escape and want to give YOU the opportunity to win some awesome prizes and have some fun. We’ve even tried the game out ourselves, and trust us, you need to get in on this.

Not familiar with Real Escape? Not a problem. Real Escape Game was originally developed in Japan, and is a live game where you will be trapped in a room and presented with a mysterious series of puzzles, codes, and challenges that must all be solved within 1 hour. If you solve the puzzles, you will get to the key that will let you out of the room. Think of it as a life-size video game, and you are the character inside of it.

That’s. Pretty. Awesome.

There are currently 2 Real Escape rooms, and more coming soon!

So what do we have to do with it? With every Real Escape Game you will receive 10% off anything at Sneaky Dee’s! All you have to do is present your game ticket to your server.

10% off some of these bad boys after an hour of mind games?

It’s a no-brainer.

But that ain’t everything.

Every month, we want to offer lucky winners with a FREE night out for 2 at Sneaky Dee’s! With every Real Escape Game, participants will be entered to win. Be sure to keep an eye out for more contests and prizes courtesy of Sneaky Dee’s and Real Escape!

Who will make it out of the room and into Dee’s first?

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