Quitters Never Wing is here! Fuck yeah Monday wing nights!

Mondays suck. But we are here to make it better. Introducing QUITTERS NEVER WING – a Monday filled with delicious wings and beer. Try not to drown the tables with drool as you gorge  on your choice of five different sauces.

15 Wings w/ a 60 oz Pitcher – $23.90

30 Wings w/ a 60 oz Pitcher – $31.15

What better way to start your week than up to your elbows in wing sauce? Don’t worry, we have Wetnaps. So don’t give up on Mondays, because QUITTERS NEVER WING. Not convinced? Well naysayers, Dee’s is up for Best Chicken Wings in NOW Toronto! See for yourself why we deserve your vote. Bet you can’t make as big a mess as our bud Branko.