The Lazys vs. Sneaky Dee’s

We’re pretty sure Aussie rockers The Lazys made their first trip to Canada to stuff their guts with the most legendary nachos around (a.k.a. OURS). Oh, and something about playing Canadian Music Week. The hard-hitters chugged backed brews and mumbled some nonsense before getting their saucy goodness on.


Frontman Leon Harrison tipped us off to a shitty flaw on this side of the world. “Splash back in North America can RUIN you!” If that wasn’t visual enough for you, he compared doing businesses in Canadian toilets (we have more water in there or something?) with dropping rocks in a pond. We should’ve sent him out by the tree.


Guitar-slayer Mat Morris failed at changing the channel with his phone. Preeeetty sure we don’t have a TV in that corner, bud.


Let the plate destruction begin! Bass man Glenn Williams, self-proclaimed bogan (Australian for “hillbilly”), wasted no time downing mouthfuls of perfectly blended nacho heaven. It obviously took some deep thinking to truly grasp our explosion of flavour.

Chew on, mate.

If we ran a speed nacho-eating competition, these guys would kill it. Guitarist Liam Shearer put up a triumphant up-yours to the challenge.


Drummer Jay Braslin said among all the CMW action, the band hoped to take a trip to “Viagra Falls.” A Google image search turns up some strange shit. We’re sure our new buds will swim back over when their next Dee’s craving is too hot to handle. See you next plate!