Flashback: Lights, The Balconies, and Holy Fuck Crash Dee’s

Hosting and blasting kickass music for almost 30 years means our ears our pretty much done for. But hey, we’ve still got a killer taste for food and talent.

Let’s headbang through memory lane shall we?

2013: Lights and us sealed the deal on our bromance by creating a custom nacho platter together, “Cactus In The Valley,” also a solid lighter-in-the-air track from her record Siberia. The missus said it best: “This is the coolest collaboration I’ve ever done. Screw everything else.”

2012: Our Kings Crown rocks. The Balconies rock.  It was only natural their fierce frontwoman Jacquie O stepped up to the plate to demo the sexy making of our signature dish. Drooling yet? Ya should be – we’re now officially blogTO ‘s Best Nachos in Toronto.

2009:  Why are so many TO bands named fuck something? Because they fucking rule. Brian from Holy Fuck stopped by to tell City Sonic TV how he grew his electronic roots through our experimental music night Wavelength. Damn right do something different.