It’s time the true ruler of Toronto takes their place on the throne, all hail the mayoral wonder that is Kings Crown.


It’s time for a badass mayor that isn’t afraid to be a little wild, but still has those classic ingredients that we rely on…  Like beef and cheese (mmmm cheese). King’s Crown shows love for all colours of the rainbow and whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or none of the above, there’s always a place for you at the table with King’s Crown.  It’s time for someone to take the reigns that has no dark secrets to hide underneath all that guacamole and sour cream. King’s Crown warms your heart, and your stomach anytime you need it. And seriously if a town can have a cat as mayor since ‘97, we definitely think Kings Crown is up for the job. Vote Kings Crown for Mayor, it’s nacho typical mayor.


Show your support for King’s Crown by taking to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using  #KingsCrownforMayor