Guest Blog: Dan Ball From Acres of Lions

I’m Dan Ball, the bearded dirt bag bass player from the band Acres of Lions. We’re from Victoria and have seen lots of shit on Highway 1 over the years but the one place that’s been constantly kicking ass is been Sneaky Dee’s.

The first time we ever came out here we drove our 1994 tour van named “Van Halen” across the frozen tundra that is Canada in the winter. It was 2008 and we were young fresh faced boys. (Except for Tyson, our guitar player, he’s always had a face like a used baseball glove)  4,481 kms later we had arrived in Toronto. Not really knowing where to go or what to do, we did what we always do, find the best bar in town. We heard about Sneaky’s through other bands and girls who broke our hearts, but nothing could prepare us for the awesomeness that awaited us.

I was so excited to be in there. I can remember shaking and having a smile come through my matted knotty beard-face. First things first we needed a beer. Just a quick little one we said, then we could check into our one star hotel and sleep. One turned into many, until we heard the bell for last call. Blurry eyed and warm inside we had made a friend that night. A friend with a bar.

It’s more than a bar. It’s one of the best venues in the country. I played The Artist Life’s last show ever there. Anytime anyone is playing up there it’s a sweaty mess. The shows you will remember for a lifetime. Countless legendary bands have loaded up and down those stairs at least once in their career.

It’s one of those bars that’s like a punk rock cheers. Everyone knows your name and you’re bound to find someone you know every time you’re in there.  Every time I’m in Toronto it’s usually the first place I visit and the last place I am before I leave.

Check out the photo-story we did during CMW last year! I love you Sneaky Dee’s!