New Years Eve With Sneaky Dee’s

Hey. Remember last year’s NYE celebrations? If you said yes, then it is quite possible and extremely likely that you didn’t do it right. Here at Sneaky Dee’s, we like to end each year with a bang, and start a new one with a hang…over.

It’s time to start planning what you’re doing for New Years, and you know the best party in the city is going to be here!

You can start the night off right, with a special New Years Eve Dinner. A Prime Roast Beef, with Mixed Veggies, A Baked Potoato, Horse Radish and a Dinner roll for only $18.95. Dinner starts at 4pm!  Oh and a bad ass bottle of champaign for $20!

You’ll then want to dead upstairs after dinner to work off the calories at our final Get Blown Dance Party of 2013! That’s right, celebrate the last night of 2013 with us and dance your faces off!

All of the good times will be had here, so you best get your tickets before it’s too late. We’ll be selling tickets here, Rotate This, Soundscapes and of course online here:

So say see you later 2013 and what the fuck is up 2014.