A Photo Story: Acres of Lions Tackle The King’s Crown

Pop-punk band Acres of Lions have been on a Cross-Canada tour for the last few months and on May 3rd they made a stop here in Toronto and we invited them for some good ol’ King’s Crown. Check out their experience below!

Awaiting the feast… Here it comes!

“We’ve been comin’ to Sneaky Dee’s since, like, the first time we were ever in Toronto.” – Dan

Behold the King’s Crown!

A little something to remember us by…

Now this is something to get excited about!

Diggin’ in
“The Kings Crown nachos are definitely fit for a king… And I might be a bit of a prince.” – Shane


Making a dent!
“You just feel them like makin’ a soccer ball in your stomach.” Tyson said, referring to the beans.

Gotta get that sneaky sauce!

A serviette perhaps?
“I think there must be a guy back there, and correct me if I’m wrong, that just makes guacamole all day long.” – Jeffrey

There we go

When eating on the road, a proper shovelling technique is known to save much time
“There’s no guac that’s like ‘this is okay’. It’s either shit, pretty good, or really good – and this is really good.” – Dan

Take a lesson from the nacho master

Sneaky Dee’s Habanero sauce may or may not have been scientifically proven to give one rather seductive qualities!
“I think it’s time for a napper, boys.” – Dan

“Can we wrap that up?” – Jeffrey