Thanks for Supporting Brother!

We don’t often get mushy at Dee’s, so give us this one, ok?

We want to thank everyone who came out and supported Brother! on December 2. Whether you shows up, played, donated, volunteered – you helped our dear door man Big John during a real time of need. Cancer sucks.

You can still donate to help John battle cancer via PayPal: donate (at) sneaky-dees (dot) com.

If you weren’t here, you really missed out on a night packed with the best music and people Toronto has to offer. Check out the photos by Josh Moody here! Huge thanks to The Little Black Dress, Like Pacific, Partycat and Teenage Kicks for tearing it up on stage. Branko even auctioned his clothing (read: dignity) to raise extra… never change, bud.

Special guest DJs Mensa, Branko + Tyler and Rob Dyer came out afterwards to keep the energy going right past last call. Every single damn one of you there generously donated your time and energy to make Brother! a huge success.

We’re a community. If you’ve spent night after night on stage, in the crowd, working or eating here, you’re part of it. THANK YOU.

My Ticket Home Take A Tour Pit Stop At Dee’s

Ever wonder what it’s like to spend a day in a puke rock band? Me neither!

But we gotta give it to My Ticket Home for filming 24 hours of hardcore mayhem in Toronto. You bet that includes a wild nacho-eating, beer-guzzling session here at Dee’s. Man these Ohio guys know how to party.

After loading up, they rolled out their gear and guts to The Opera House for hundreds of fans who piled in from all over Ontario. Check out the recap below! There’s no puke. Really.


Sneaky Dee's Big John

On December 2, Sneaky Dee’s invites everyone to come together to support Big John, Toronto’s favourite door man and our dear friend, as he fights cancer. Along with John’s friends and family, we’ve put together a benefit show featuring Like Pacific, Partycat, DJs Mensa, Rob Dyer, Branko and Tyler, and many more! 100% of the proceeds from the show will go to Big John and his family.

Show solidarity with Big John as we all stand up and give a giant middle finger to cancer by fundraising on his behalf. Tickets are $10 (suggested minimum donation) and are available at Ticketfly or at Sneaky Dee’s.  We’ll also be setting up a raffle with a ton of door prizes from the likes of Live Nation, Embrace, Collective Concerts, Union Events, and more!

Can’t make it to the show? You can still send a donation to Big John via PayPal to Show some support for our brother! Join the Facebook event here and see you on December 2!


Throwback: Breakfast Hangs with Honest Ed’s

Sneaky Dee’s hasn’t always been stationed at College and Bathurst. We actually used to be right by Honest Ed’s, which you better be familiar with or we’re revoking your Toronto card. And you better know by now we make damn good and affordable food. So good in fact that when we were shacked up near Honest Ed’s, Ed himself would buy his staff breakfast from us every morning! Lucky bastards.

Rumour has it that if you can get your ass out of bed every day before 4 PM, then you can get a classic breakfast from us for under 5 bucks! What’s classic? Maybe a drool-worthy two eggs, bacon and toast, maybe not. Worth a shot, though – we all know you sure as hell can’t cook for yourself.

A Sneaky Dee’s Halloween

There’s nothing like costumed debauchery at Dee’s! Halloween’s on a Friday this year, so no excuses – we want to see you dressed up and messed up over here. Only $5 to get into the mayhem! Don’t forget to to share your ridiculous pics with #SpookyDees. Who knows, we might make fun of – uh, we mean feature you on our website later.

Halloween isn’t on a weekend for no reason.. I’m sure by the time you get your ass outta bed on Saturday and come in for brunch, you’ll have a few hours to prepare for SHRIEK A TAIL on Saturday night!

Thanksgiving Specials at Dee’s!

Are you tired of spending your holidays alone? Cooking a feast for ten and having enough leftovers for nine? Or maybe you’re just really hungry! Well, no matter the reason, come celebrate Thanksgiving with you pals at Dee’s!

We have specials that you can only get this weekend! If you come in Sunday, October 12 after 4 PM or Monday, October 13 at any time, you can get the following:

Turkey Dinner (only $15.95!) – Roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce and a dinner roll!

Pumpkin Pie ($2.95) – Thanksgiving classic!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cupcake ($2.50) – Your new best friend!

Don’t be lame and cook your own mediocre dinner. Come enjoy a real Thanksgiving feast here at Dee’s!


Lights’ Cactus in the Valley Nachos 10% off on Little Machines Launch September 23!

Listen up! Lights, the sweetest artist around, is launching her new pop album Little Machines this Tuesday, September 23!

We’re big fans of Lights, but she’s also a big fan of us and our nachos, so obviously we did what we do best and immortalized her awesomeness in her very own signature dish.

We’re celebrating Little Machines by giving you 10% off Lights’ Cactus In The Valley dish this coming Tuesday. One day only!

Her Cactus In The Valley nachos are tortillas-topped with seasoned chicken, rice, salsa roja, frijoles, grilled peppers and onions, then baked with cheese and topped with fresh guacamole and sour cream. Seriously, if you don’t eat these, we’ll come to your table and do it ourselves.

Treat yourself to a plate of Cactus In The Valley nachos on Lights’ album release day, and you’ll get 10% off your plate, which you can then put towards your purchase of Little Machines. Nachos and great music – can you get any better? Hint: the answer is no.

See you on Tuesday!