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Toronto restaurant and concert venue Sneaky Dee’s is pleased to offer Alex Anthopoulos, former General Manger of the Toronto Blue Jays, the coveted General Manager position at the local establishment. A family-run business for over 28 years, Anthopoulos would be only the third GM in the College and Bathurst’s staple illustrious history. Current GM, George Diamantouros is expected to be named President later this week.

Anthopoulos would be responsible for day-to-day management, and, Diamantouros would oversee business operations. Though Diamantouros will take an active involvement in building the future of the restaurant, Anthopoulos will have final say in all major day-to-day decisions including menu, venue booking, and personnel. Anthopoulos will also have full control over the restaurant’s recreational softball team roster, which went 6-4 in their recreational league during the 2015 season. Sneaky Dee’s has offered to match the term Anthopoulos seeks. Financial details are yet to be discussed.

“Alex is one of the brightest young minds in the business industry,” says current GM George Diamantouros, “We believe in the strong foundation that has been built over the last 28 years, and are ready to take this business to the next level. With Alex taking the reigns, we will be ready to take the next step”.

Anthopoulos, the next move is yours.

Shriek-A-Tale Returns to Sneaky Dee’s

It’s about time to shake the ghosts and ghouls of the past year off your back – and Sneaky Dees’ annual Halloween bash ‘Shriek-a-Tail’ is the perfect venue to do just that.

A spinoff of its weekly Saturday night party Shake-a-Tail, Shriek-a-Tail has returned for its 8th round featuring a killer playlist of only the best of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s as well as candy and prizes for the best dressed. If you’ve never been to Dees on a Saturday night, you can expect everything from go-go dancing to conga lines and an everything goes attitude toward your dance moves.

Don’t miss out on one of Toronto’s best Halloween bashes! Doors open at 10:30pm and no cover charge before 11:30pm.  See you there!

Thanksgiving + October Baseball!

October: that time of the year when the days get shorter and you never can tell if it’s going to end up being t-shirt or winter jacket weather. Nevertheless, we have plenty of events coming up to keep you busy or help you de-stress from your busy life! Read on for details of the best Jays postseason party outside of the SkyDome, plus our annual Thanksgiving feast.

PS. Students – we know its mid-term season. Don’t forget that we’re your go-to hangover cure, as declared by BlogTO! We’re pretty damn good at creating them too.

October Baseball!

It’s been a long while since the Jays were a bigger source of October excitement than the Leafs here in Toronto. We’ve been supporting this team for 25+ years and, dammit, we’re excited about this. So much so that we’re going to screen every single playoff game upstairs on our HD projector!

If you’re one of the 70,000+ people that looked into buying tickets but quickly realized they were already out of reach, we’re here for you. Join us upstairs for EVERY SINGLE GAME the Jays play from here on out this season. Doors open 30 minutes before game time, and we’ve got food specials that will put those ball park eats to shame.

Check out all the details HERE.

Spend Thanksgiving with your Real Family

We’re already your home away from home, so why not make it official and spend this holiday with your real family? Thanksgiving at Dee’s will be complete with our delicious, waistband-expanding turkey dinner and pumpkin pie dessert, and without those awkward conversations with your weird Uncle Bill. No need to explain to us what you plan to do with your Fine Arts degree. We don’t care!

Sneaky Dee’s Thanksgiving Dinner includes: Roasted Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Gravy, Mixed Vegetables, Cranberry Sauce, and a Dinner Roll.

For real though – if you are unable to make it home to your loving family this weekend, we’d be more than happy to have you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Sneaky Dees.

Catch NIGHTSEEKER at the Hard Luck October 17th

It’s time to get fired up yer Hosers!

Zamers got you freak’n, or you’re boss be down your throat? Don’t be stressing anymore. We have the medicine for you.

The Hard Luck is happy to present NIGHTSEEKER (FT Deaner from FUBAR) on Saturday, October 17th. These Alberta boys really know how throw a party, and it’s on a Saturday so you have no excuse to not get all greased up!

So, get your fingers up and F***’in Giv’r when NIGHTSEEKER comes to Toronto.  Be there or don’t be.

Date: October 17th
Venue: Hard Luck
Doors:t 9:00pm
Show: 9:30pm

AFTER PARTY @ Shake A Tail

September Update – Riot Fest, Back To School, And More!

Grab your pencils, your books and all those dirty looks. It’s BACK TO SCHOOL, and Dees has your freshman 15 right here! We’re welcoming back students across Toronto with another month of great shows, dance parties and of course, the nachos! We’re even giving away a pair of Riot Fest tix! Check out what we’ve got going on below:


We know all you students are super stoked on heading back to campus, so we’ve got all the penny-pinching meal deals to help you save for more Sneaky Dee’s fun.

Our world famous Kings Crown: Crisp corn tortilla chips covered with salsa roja, piled high with frijoles, ground beef, veggies, melted cheese, topped with guacamole & sour cream. We’re also throwing in a 60oz pitcher because we love you, so bring your friends.

All for just $23 every Wednesday.

Follow the link to find more great Dee-als every day:


Every year, Toronto embraces their inner punk when Riot Fest comes to town, and Sneaky Dee’s is your headquarters for everything before and after. Only one thing guarantees to keep you fuelled up and ready to go: RIOT FRIES! This chaotic dish comes topped with guac, sour cream, veggie chili and melted cheese for the unbeatable price of $9.95, this might be one of the best deals in this city.

For more information on Riot Fest click HERE. 

Just Announced

New Jersey’s Old Wounds are coming to Canada for the first time since releasing their new album, “The Suffering Spirit”, and we’re stoked to host them at Sneaky Dee’s

See our monthly event calendar for all of September’s lineup.

Dear Toronto. Love, Sneaky Dee’s & Hard Luck Bar.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a petition, a complaint, or an issue of insensitivity that the internet is ever so prone to these days.

Toronto is the epicentre of the creative community in Canada. All of these factors may or may not have influenced your decision to live in this beautiful beast of a city, but we are here now and that’s what’s important.

Surprisingly, an overwhelming number of residents believe the city has become too loud. We think those people are actually in the minority, and if complainants can dial 311 about “noise”, those of us who enjoy the city’s bustling culture and nightlife can take a few minutes to respond.

Sneaky Dee’s started as a family business in 1987. We’ve been lucky enough to be adopted by our many diverse patrons as a local institution. Home and incubator for a countless number of musicians, artists, residents and tourists, we’re proud to be ingrained in our local community. Everyone from Arcade Fire to Fucked Up has graced the darkly lit upstairs stage, and has helped Dee’s make its mark as a cultural institution.

In our three decades of booking, promoting, and producing shows, we’ve experienced our fair share of run-ins with Toronto by-law enforcement officers responding to noise complaints. Between Dee’s and our sister venue, The Hard Luck, we’ve invested a considerable amount of money in soundproofing in an effort to minimize any stray notes and tones that our neighbors may consider a nuisance. We’d like to think that these investments have been more than would be reasonably expected of someone in our position. We know how important music is to our community so, for us, the expenses are worth it if it means we all get along. Compromise, right?

Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case. In spite of our geography – anchored firmly in the heart of urban Toronto – we are involved in noise disputes with a regularity that would make you cringe. We are not alone in this issue. The City of Toronto is currently conducting a review of the city’s current noise by-laws, and more than a handful of Toronto’s storied, active venues have spoken up just as we are now. Meetings have been productive, and people are working towards positive, long-term solutions on this issue. We are hopeful that these discussions will lead to a change in how Toronto’s noise bylaws are set up, and administered. The existing laws and ways of enforcing them are causing serious issues when it comes to running music venues like ours in Toronto.

What can you do?

Send feedback via e-mail to Jessica Walter ( of Municipal Licensing and Standards at the City of Toronto. Tell her that live music should be managed differently, the value of these venues within our community, and how we can all work together to develop an appropriate course of action. We’ve even drafted an e-mail for you below.

We love our city, and we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built as presenters of local and international talent. We look forward to booking shows for years to come and continuing to contribute to the building of a positive creative culture in our community. Art is loud and sometimes messy but a core part of our culture. Let’s not step on our own toes, Toronto.

Thank you for your support!
– Owners of Sneaky Dee’s and Hard Luck Bar

Draft email:
Dear Jessica,

I am writing to express my support for live music in Toronto. As a music fan and concert-goer, I value the work local venue owners and promoters are putting in to keep our city on the cutting edge of industry trends. As a resident of Toronto, my issues with loud noise coming from loud music and community events is far outweighed by the sounds of construction, streetcars, and general street traffic.

I appreciate you considering this, as the ML&S reviews issues related to the noise by-law review process, with a view to smoothly integrating the perspectives of the music community with those of the whole of Toronto

Thank you,