Sneaks Preview: Neon Windbreaker

Thursday, Dec. 8 will see Neon Windbreaker taking the stage upstairs. While the Toronto band originally started as a joke, or an experiment as lead singer Eric Warner says, the group pulled it together quickly, solidifying their line-up and recording tracks.

Neon Windbreaker command the stage like you wouldn’t believe and are sure to impress this week!

Facebook event here.

NEON WINDBREAKER @ RAINBOW PALACE from untold city on Vimeo.

Sneaks Review: Ten Second Epic

Edmonton, Alberta’s Ten Second Epic took over the stage at Sneaky Dee’s on November 22nd to perform to an enthusiastic and energetic crowd. The headlining act wooed fans with material from their three-album catalogue, playing songs from Count Yourself In, Hometown, and their latest effort, Better Off.

Ten Second Epic formed in 2002 and have kept up the momentum throughout their near decade career, with the release of a handful of albums and EPs, tours spanning the world, and nominations for MuchMusic Video Awards and Juno Awards. The five-piece mesh well on stage, with Andrew Usenik on vocals, Daniel Carriere and Craig Spelliscy both on guitar, Sandy MacKinnon on bass, and Patrick Birtles on drums.

The alternative pop/rock group played for nearly an hour, with their set list including fan favourites “Suck It Up, Princess”, “Count Yourself In”, “Every Day”, and “Welcome To Wherever You Are”. They also performed tracks from their September 2011 release Better Off, including “Young Classics” and “Northstar”, showcasing their progression over the years. We look forward to seeing their continued growth and are eager for to their return to Toronto!

Introducing The Sneaky Dee’s Facebook Fan Menu

Sneaky Dee’s Fans Unite on Facebook!

That’s right, you heard us! Sneaky Dee’s has officially occupied Facebook and to get the ball rolling we’ve launched a very special Facebook Fan Menu!

Available exclusively to Sneaky Dee’s friends and family that like us on Facebook, this is one club you don’t want to miss out on!

Featuring $5 food items and $3 beer, the Facebook Fan Menu is available between the hours of 2pm and 5pm Monday to Friday for every single one of our Facebook fans.

Simply follow these easy steps to enjoy the Sneaky Dee’s Facebook Fan Menu FOREVER!

1. Like us on Facebook:

2. Submit your email address to receive Club Code from our Fan Menu tab

3. Present Club Code to your Server when you stop by for Fan Menu munchies!


Sneaks News: Hot (Sauce) Off The Press

Hot (sauce) off the press!

It’s been a big week for us over here at Sneaky Dee’s. First of all, we launched our redesigned website, which you’re currently perusing. It features our full menu including daily specials, all of our concert and event listings, Sneaks history and more with a fresh, organic design!

Secondly, we released our signature line of hot sauces, available for purchase from the restaurant for only $5 a bottle. Take home your favourite flavour; we’ve got cayenne, jalapeno, habanero, and chipotle to satisfy every taste bud.

The media has caught on to our tasty take-home sauces and it’s about time that you do too!

Read all about it on The Grid,, and Culture Addicts.

Then stop by Sneaky Dee’s to pick up a bottle and see for yourself what everyone is getting so hot and bothered about!



Sneaky Dee's Veggie Nachos

Toronto’s beloved go-to Tex-Mex restaurant and concert venue, Sneaky Dee’s is ecstatic to launch a new and improved website! The site continues to boast menu and special favourites, concert listings, and special events, with new additions including “Our Story”, the official Sneaky Dee’s blog, and merchandise! The new, easy to navigate site serves as the online hub for the well-known restaurant and concert venue, while featuring a fresh, organic design.

Along with the re-birth of the website, the one and only Sneaky Dee’s is preparing to expand their already delicious menu by unleashing a signature line of hot sauces. Not only will they offer an assortment of flavours to complement every Tex-mex meal, but the hot sauce is now available for purchase to slather on your nachos at home, for the very reasonable price of 5$ a bottle. Available on location (431 College St. Toronto) Sneaky Dee’s will sell 4 flavours of sauces differing in levels of taste and heat, including: Jalapeno, Cayenne, Chipotle and Habanero. While the food needs no assistance in flavour, Sneaky Dee’s invites you to add a little more guts to your favourite dishes!

The iconic Toronto venue and restaurant has maintained a large social and cultural presence within it’s city’s borders. Sneaky Dee’s has long been an attraction for avid music lovers and nacho enthusiasts, even before it moved to its current location at College and Bathurst. Constantly adapting to the changing times, Sneaky Dee’shas become a home away from home for a distinct Toronto community.

This November Sneaky Dee’s will include new menu items and weekly events that will be sure to catch your eye. The new website will offer detailed information and photos of the food and events that they have cooked up.


Sneaky Dee’s started as a family business in 1987 and not much has really changed. Sure, the raging city of Toronto has claimed Sneaky Dee’s as its own — everyone from Arcade Fire to Fucked Up has graced the darkly lit upstairs stage, and it has made a mark as a cultural institution. Through the hard times and the good, Sneaky Dee’s (known to locals as “Dee’s”, “Sneak’s”, or “Sneaky’s”) has opened their arms and wrapped them tight around our bustling metropolitan. This big bear hug has touched Toronto civilians and tourists alike and it’s born a vibrant community.

A home away from home, Sneaky Dee’s is a good family to have. They feed you when you’re hungry and send you home only when you’re stuffed to the brim! The kitchen is always open late and the night is always young. Sneaky Dee’s is a bomb of energy and dazzling with nostalgia. A place to sit and to dance, and home to the most reasonably priced menu in the city’s grid. Always a hip tune on rotation in the dining room, Sneaky Dee’s is a remedy of laughter and good people. Famous for its Tex-Mex and pub-style favourites, if the familiar faces don’t keep you coming back, the King’s Crown nachos certainly will!

Originally located on Bloor Street and a stone’s throw away from Honest Ed’s, Sneaky Dee’s had a true, authentic, punk rock inception in the 80s. Still an integral part of the music scene, today Sneaky Dee’s concert venue is home to a number of the city’s best parties. From What’s Poppin’ on Wednesday nights to Shake A Tail on Saturdays, upstairs at Sneak’s is always raving with the underground and independent culture of Toronto.

The 200+ capacity concert venue has seen some great talent grace its stage. From Broken Social Scene to Feist, Sneaky Dee’s has hosted local and touring musicians since it began (sort of serendipitously) in the basement of the restaurant’s first location. From punk to hip-hop and every indie darling in between, catching a band at Sneaky Dee’s is always a memorable night out! Whether you’re surrounded by rabble-rousing scenesters out celebrating a independent vinyl release or your favourite west coast buzz band makes a stop in town, it’s likely happening on the Sneaky Dee’s stage.

Tourists and artists often fill the downstairs booths, but if music and great food aren’t your thing in Toronto – having a seat at the bar, taking in the atmosphere over a pint, and watching the Jays or the Leafs is also an option. Now one of Toronto’s busiest independent restaurants, Sneaky Dee’s will continue to prove itself as a staple and go-to hub of culture in Toronto.

So really much has changed, but at the heart of it all is a community who likes their nachos slathered in cheese, their bar booths etched with inside jokes, and their friends just a King’s Crown away. Welcome home.



For all media and marketing inquiries:

Photo by Daniel Bray




Sneaks News: October Concerts

All right, folks, listen up! We know you love live music and we love bringing it to you!

That’s why we’ve got some hot shows to keep you warm throughout October, as the temperatures start to drop and the nights begin to cool.

Kicking off the month, is Toronto’s own !Attention!, celebrating the 7-inch release of Another Year on October 1st! The show, featuring supporting acts Orphan Choir, Animal Faces, and Peace Be Still, will also serve as a welcome home for the headlining boys as they wrap up their U.S. tour.

October 6th will see the Birthday Boys taking the stage for the first night of their month-long residency at Sneaky Dee’s, marking the release of their latest album. The group will be occupying the stage upstairs every Thursday throughout the remainder of the month, so be sure to come by for one, two or all of the shows – they’re worth it!

Utah’s Get Scared are venturing to our northern stage on October 8th with special guests Dr Acula and Girl On Fire for an early night of hardcore trouble.

Carrying right along, Boston hardcore heroes Bane will own the stage on October 14th for another early show. Throw a little Defeater, Miles Away, and Dead End Path into the mix and we’re not sure if we’ll even have a stage left by the end!

Let’s hope so though, since Songs: A Dance Party will carry the bar to closing time, with a guest DJ set from the ladies of Sheezer, along with a very special live performance from Rouge – showcasing their brand new 7-inch. May we mention that the night will go down in history, as it symbolizes Songs first ever live act?! It’s sure to be one sexy night.

On October 21st, This Is A Standoff will perform in support of their new EP Be Delighted. The Little Millionaires, Sparrows, and Thunderhawks will join them in the ranks and keep the fun rolling all night long.

Austin Gibbs will be entertaining fans on October 22nd, bringing his blend of emo and alternative rock, along with We Are The Wild Things, Take My Place, and guests. This show’s an early one so be sure to check out our concert listings for times to this all-ages event.

Finally, pop punk four-piece Chixdiggit will be stopping by October 27th to celebrate their illustrious 20th anniversary tour. This is undoubtedly going to be a hell of a show and way to wrap up the month.

And with that we say, that’s it and that’s all… For this month! Stay tuned to our blog for in-house show reviews with photography and special features on upcoming acts, along with future concert listings!

Sneaks Review: Japandroids Live

Sneaky Dee’s saw Japandroids play a sold-out show to a hot and sweaty crowd on September 22nd. Fans of the two-piece rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia, packed the upstairs venue for an 11-song set of tracks both new and old from their musical catalogue. Guitarist/vocalist, Brian King, and drummer/vocalist, David Prowse, proved that a band needs no more than two members to pack a room and woo a crowd.

The band took advantage of their first Toronto show of 2011 to introduce new material from their upcoming album, expected to be released next year. Japandroids kicked off the set with three new songs – including “Adrenaline Nighshift”, “Younger Us” and “Fire’s Highway” – though promising to arrive quickly at fan favourites from their debut album, Post-Nothing.

While the crowd was pleased with the brief preview of what’s to come in the future in terms of the band’s updated (though very similar) sound, they were eager to hear familiar tunes. Japandroids delivered, launching into “The Boys Are Leaving Town”, causing the audience to erupt in excitement. Some fans sang along faithfully, while others displayed their enthusiasm by moshing in front of stage.

Crowd pleasers from the set list included the duo’s unofficial singles “Young Hearts Spark Fire” and “Wet Hair”. Japandroids opted to wrap their set with a cover of Gun Club’s “For The Love Of Ivy” – and they killed it. Beers were spilled, bodies were drenched in sweat and voices were lost throughout the night – an indicator to us that Japandroids know how to put on one hell of a show!