One word to describe The Destroyer…

We asked our loyal Facebook fans, if they could use one word, other than “destroyer” to describe our epic new dish “The Destroyer” what would it be. And boy did they get creative…

I think the over-all consensus was that, above all else, only real champions can destroy “The Destroyer”! Let us know if you conquer The Destroyer on our Facebook page!



Beloved Toronto Tex-Mex hotspot Sneaky Dee’s Restaurant and Concert Venue has officially announced that the Cancer Bats inspired dish, ‘The Destroyer’, has been added as a permanent item to their already stacked menu. Presents The Destroyer with a base of Sneaky Dee’s poutine and topped with the infamous King’s Crown nachos.

The dish, who’s name is derived from Cancer Bats’ album Hail Destroyer, and curated by the local group, is a must-have for foodies alike with fries, cheese, and gravy acting as the foundation and then piled high with Salsa Roja, ground beef, tomatoes, onions, mixed peppers, jalapenos, more cheese, and rounded out with Sneaky’s guacamole, and sour cream on top.

WATCH’s Destroyer feature with the Cancer Bats!

Now vegetarians and vegans fear-not!  Feel free to order The Destroyer as vegetarian, or for the vegans out there check it out with the other new menu add, Daiya cheese. This dairy and soy-free alternative means more options on the Sneaky Dee’s menu at no additional cost. Don’t forget to add one (or more) of Sneaky Dee’s signature hot sauces – cayenne, jalapeno, habenero, or chipotle – for here or to go.

Watch The Destroyer Challenge with The Cancer Bats!

Watch The Making of The Destroyer!


All You Need to Know about CMW 2012 at Sneaky Dee’s!


As you may or may not have heard, this week is Canadian Music Week! But isn’t that every week, you ask? That is quite true with all the amazing talent that exists in this wonderful country of ours. However, this week is going to be extra awesome because Sneaky Dee’s is bringing you tons of showcases, parties, and nachos! We kick off the celebrations on Thursday with the Audio Blood showcase, roll into the weekend with the East Coast Music Association Day Party and the Young Lions Music Club Showcase, and then finish everything off with an entire day of music on Saturday including the Travis Porter & LiveMusicTO showcase. Keep reading for the entire schedule and more.


Thursday, March 22 – Audio Blood Showcase


8PM – JF Robitaille

9PM – Sydney Wayser

10PM – Ben Caplan & the Casual Smokers

11PM – Grey Kingdom

12PM – Hands & Teeth

1AM – The Love Machine

2AM – Nash

3AM – Serb Superb


Friday, March 23 – East Coast Music Association Day Party


2PM – Mo Kenney

2:35PM – Molly Thomason

3:10PM – The Arka Teks

3:45PM – Sherman Downney & The Silver Living

4:20PM – Carleton Stone

4:55PM – Paper Lions

5:30PM – Tim Chaisson and Morning Fold

6:05PM – Ben Caplan & the Casual Smokers

6:35PM – Gloryhound


Friday, March 23 – Young Lions Music Club Showcase


9PM – Cousin

10PM – In Medias Res

11PM – Paradise Animals (pictured way above)

12AM – Bear Hands

1AM – Dinosaur Bones

2AM – Rouge

3AM – Sheezer


Saturday, March 24




Carter Hulsey

Windsor Drive

After the Anthems

The Midnite

From Indian Lakes

The Raspberry Heaven




Travis Porter & LiveMusicTO Showcase


9PM – Lost Cities

10PM – The Set

11PM – Lifestory:Monologue

12PM – Gentleman Hall

1AM – Rubberbandits


3AM – Tupperware Remix Party


And if that isn’t enough for you, we also have a CMW King’s Crown Special. Available to CMW passholders, you can get a King’s Crown nachos for only $10. This is available all day Wednesday, and before 5PM on Thursday and Friday.


Or you can give the legendary Destroyer a try. If you manage to finish it, you will be forever remembered on the Wall of Champions. More info on that here:


To stay updated on CMW and Sneaky Dee’s follow along on twitter @CMW2012 and @TheSneakyDees or stay in the loop on Facebook. We hope to see you out!



It’s Finally March! And you know what that means?! Delusions of patio pint weather and Toronto officially becomes home to more music than you can swallow! Canadian Music Week only comes once a year and this year it will be taking over Toronto March 21st to 25th!

To celebrate, Sneaky Dee’s is introducing the Canadian Music Week Kings Crown Special. Available to CMW Pass holders only (artists and delegates exclusively)! The CMW Kings Crown Special  gets you a Kings Crown for the discounted price of 10$!

Visit Sneaky Dee’s Wednesday March 21st all day, Thursday March 22nd before 5pm, and Friday March 23rd before 5pm  with your artist or delegate pass and get one 10$ King’s Crown Nachos. One per band only!

See you at CMW!