Sneaky Dee’s Celebrates 25th Anniversary! June 25th from 2-5pm Free Kings Crown Nachos with Food Donation!

To kick off the launch of the 25th Anniversary Sneaky Dee’s is celebrating by giving back to the community. On Monday June 25th between 2pm and 5pm we are offering free Kings Crown Nachos to everyone who brings in non-perishable food items to donate to charity! Here’s the deal, if you bring in 2.5 lbs. of canned goods to donate and we’ll provide you with free Kings Crown nachos! What better way is there to celebrate a 25th birthday other than free nachos and supporting local food drives?

The Kings Crown Nachos are served on crisp corn tortilla chips covered with salsa roja, and piled high with frijoles, ground beef, tomatoes, onions, mixed peppers, jalapeños, melted cheese then topped with guacamole and sour cream. These nachos will certainly have you coming back for more, we guarantee it!

For all vegetarian and vegan friends feel free to order the Kings Crown Nachos as a vegetarian plate or for the vegans ask for Daiya cheese which is a dairy and soy-free alternative at no additional cost. Add some of our very own Sneaky Dee’s signature hot sauces – cayenne, jalapeño, Habanero or chipotle to spice it up!

S my D does NXNE!

Sneaky Dee’s is taking NXNE to a whole new level for 2012 with S my D does NXNE! Check out this years NXNE line up!!

Make sure you use the hashtag #SMYDNXNE when tweeting us this week!



Introducing Jay – The Sneakiest Dee!

We have some of the coolest and craziest people in the city working at Sneaky Dee’s and it’s high time we tip our hat to them. They serve our tables, pour our drinks and throw down some of the best parties around. They’re our family, and who doesn’t like to brag about their crazy family members? We have put together a special post to shine the spotlight on our favourite people! Each month we’ll get one of them to answer some crazy questions so you can get to know the Sneak’s family!

Up first on the beer soaked hot seat is Jay. Jay is one of our bartenders who loves metal, Jäger & Morrissey and is definitely one of the Sneakiest Dee’s around. Check out his story below!

What’s your favourite part about working at Sneaky Dee’s?
Hot wait staff; I don’t have hot patrons only idiots that take two hours to finish a Caesar.

How did you get here in the first place?
Poor life choices and lack of an education, plus my alcoholic roommate knew George (the SD manager).

How long have you worked at Dee’s?
3 and half years.

Best show you’ve attended upstairs?
Fucked Up Fest, I was working as a bar back and had two clean up two buckets of broken glass off the floor, which was awesome.

Most memorable table?
Pat, a crazy regular during the day that uses me as her bank, then tells me to go fuck myself.

Favourite Sneaky Dee’s Menu item?
Jäger, okay I like the Mexican chicken wrap with bacon in it.  

Favourite music to listen to while working?
Metal on Sirius satellite.

One thing you could never live without?

Who do you adore most in the world?
SD: what about your wife jay? Jay: ok put her down too

What’s your favourite article of clothing you own?
My snakeskin vest and cowboy boots.

Preferred method of transportation?
Jake the snake, that’s my bike.

Name three albums you could never live without.
Kill Em All – Metallica
Viva Hate – Morrissey
Seasons of the Abyss – Slayer

Rich or Famous?
Rich, so I can drink Jäger and curl all day.

Spring or Fall?
Fall, no heat I’m fat and sweat.

Head or Heart?
I follow my heart because it always gets me in trouble.

We also asked some of the people who work with Jay everyday their honest opinion of what it’s like to work with this Morrissey loving, Jäger drinking guy.

SD: What was your first impression of Jay?
George (SD Manager): I thought he was a more mature, handsome version of Joshy. Turns out I was wrong about the maturity thing.
Sheila: Hard working, focused and very nice!

SD: What’s your favorite Jay moment?
Joshy: Jay’s wedding, Jay took his blazer off before the ceremony and with those sweat stains you would have thought he played 90 minutes of soccer.

Having staff like Jay is just part of the reason why Sneaky Dee’s is what it is– a riot of a good time. Make sure next time you swing by Dee’s you toss Jay a high-five, he’ll be the one behind the bar serving up shots of Jäger and blasting metal!

Stay tuned for our next Sneakiest Dee!


Jay keeps Christmas classy...with a jager soaked Santa beard.

Project T.O.

Project T.O. is back and taking over Sneaky Dee’s! T.O. Marks the Spot Jam is going to be one of the wildest nights in the city with DJ Jerms of Montreal hitting the decks and dropping the hottest tracks. You do not want to miss this party!
Relax, get down & just vibe.
11pm – 3am

Facebook Event

#Navigatetour takes over


Our great friends Crystalyne are releasing their new debut EP Navigate on June 5th! To kick off their Ontario summer tour Sneaky Dee’s is sending them off with a good ol’ party!


Justin Harper Dube
Live the Story
Something You Whisper
The Heights

Saturday June 2nd
Doors @ 5:30pm

$15 & get a free copy of Navigate at the door!

#Navigatetour takes over


Our great friends Crystalyne are releasing their new debut EP Navigate on June 5th! To kick off their Ontario summer tour Sneaky Dee’s is sending them off with a good ol’ party!


Justin Harper Dube
Live the Story
Something You Whisper
The Heights

Saturday June 2nd
Doors @ 5:30pm

$15 & get a free copy of Navigate at the door!

Shake A Tail Saturday!

Saturday nights are all about going out and having a killer time, and though Toronto has and endless supply of clubs, restaurants and parties to check out, we have the best Saturday night dance party in the city! Guaranteed good times every week! Shake A Tail has been an ongoing event in Toronto for the last six years; it originally started at The Boat for six months before moving the Stones Place. For two and a half years Shake A Tail was a weekly event there, after some discussion the event moved once again to Clintons where it settled in for another 2 years. It was time yet again for Shake A Tail to move its dance party somewhere else, and naturally that led to Sneaky Dee’s (a little known fact is Shake A Tail actually did one night at Sneaky Dee’s back between Stones and Clintons and the guys knew they would eventually want a weekly night here!) We
sat down with co-founders Aaron and Terrance to find out more about this awesome event.

What are some favourite songs of Shake A Tail?

Terrence: Motown hits are huge like Shout, Cecilia, Fill Me Up Buttercup, Twist and Shout, Lola, and Sweet City Woman are definitely some crowd favourites.

What are some popular Shake A Tail dance moves? Speaker dancing is probably the biggest one; by the end of the night we have quasi Go-Go dancers up there partying! Also we have been known to have an awesome conga lines at times. A lot of hands in the air, like they just don’t care!

If you could have one famous person come to Shake A Tail to party who would it be?
Aaron: Tina Turner, for obvious reasons

Terrance: James Brown, just for the cape.

What is your favourite Sneaky Dee’s food?
Aaron: right now the El Matador steak, it gives you the energy you need to party all night and you can drink a lot after.
Terrance: the wings too, Sneaky Dee’s has awesome chicken wings.

What is your favourite Sneaky Dee’s drink while partying?
Aaron: a double water vodka in a pint glass, you can get drunk and the water helps with the hangover the next day, and Pabst Blue Ribbon too of course.

These guys have put a lot of time and passion into making Shake A Tail such an amazing event. When we started talking about what their favourite part of running a weekly event here at Sneaky Dee’s it was all about the reaction from the crowd. “Putting on a song and having the crowd loose their minds is the best thing to see,” Terrance explained. These guys created a night with a music genre that they liked and turned it into one of the best dance parties of the week, and found a home for it here at Sneaky Dee’s. If you haven’t been to a Shake A Tail yet, get over here soon and dance up a sweat! As Aaron and Terrance summed it up, “it’s a great fucking time, no b.s., no attitude, just a damn good time and the best dance party.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.