Are you a broke-ass student? We have a Broke-Ass Menu for that!

Back to school season means a lot of things. Mostly it means that a lot of you are coming back from summer holidays with shit-for-cash and plenty of big, fat student debt. Here at Sneaky Dee’s, we want to support the struggling student, so we’ve come up with a great idea; our Broke-Ass Student Menu for Broke-Ass students!

As part of our 25th Anniversary celebrations, our Broke-Ass Student menu will be available to anyone with a valid student ID until September 30th! It’s our way of saying “Sorry your life sucks again”. While our Broke-Ass student menu is available, you can get any of these tasty Sneaky Dee’s treats for only $5!:

– Sneaky Dee’s delicious poutine
– Our spicy Jalapeno Poppers
– A towering plate of our regular nachos
– Our fresh and tasty Avocado Spring Rolls
– Our awe-inspiring Mexi-Dip Platter

Our Broke-Ass Student Menu is for school nights only, so from Sunday to Thursday, stop into Sneaky Dee’s for some delicious tex-mex that even you can afford!

Free Riot Fest Tickets with Your Nachos!


Do you love music? Do you love nachos? Do you love starting riots? If your answers were “yes”, “hell yes” and “fuck yeah”, we’ve got a deal for you.

This weekend, September 1st and 2nd, when you come to Sneaky Dee’s and order our Destroyer or Cactus in the Valley nachos you’ll get a FREE pair of tickets to Riot Fest! We’re talking Descendents, NOFX, Fucked Up, Andrew WK and more amazing, face-melting, sweat-dripping, beer-slinging artists performing on September 9th a Fort York. Riot Fest started up in 2005 and quickly became one of best festivals in the States, with acts like Rise Against, Weezer, The Offspring, and The Gaslight Anthem leading their lineups. The legacy is finally making its Canadian debut this year and you can count on it being one hell of a show. And the only thing you have to do to get there is stuff your face with some delicious nachos.

Try our Cancer Bats-inspired nacho dish. It’s fries, cheese, and gravy acting as the foundation, then piled high with Salsa Roja, ground beef, tomatoes, onions, mixed peppers, jalapenos, more cheese, and rounded out with Sneaky’s guacamole, and sour cream on top. Some call them “nacho fries”. Some call them “frachos”. We call them “The Destroyer”.

Or, you can try our Lights-inspired nachos done fajita style! The Cactus in the Valley nachos are made from tortillas topped with seasoned chicken, rice, salsa roja, frijoles, grilled peppers and onions, then baked with cheese and topped with fresh guacamole and sour cream.

Which one will you devour? There are no wrong decisions this weekend. Only nachos and free Riot Fest tickets.

**While supplies last, two tickets per order of nachos.




Introducing Kim – The Second Sneakiest Dee!

So, way the hell back in June we introduced the world to Jay – our Morrissey loving bartender who blasts metal and serves up shots of Jäger to our ravenous, nacho-loving friends. We had a good time with that, because despite Jay’s love of The Smiths, we still care about and love him. So we’ve decided to make introducing you to our staff a regular thing. They’re cool people, and they serve you both alcohol AND nachos, so you should at least learn a little about them.

Our second Sneakiest Dee in the hot-seat is Kim. Kim’s been at this shit for a while. She’s been with us for 12 years and keeps the rest of us on track and soberish. I hope everyone enjoys meeting her, because she’s completely fucking awesome and truly deserves the title of Sneakiest of Sneakiest Dee’s.

What’s your favourite part about working at Sneaky Dee’s?
The staff.

How did you get here in the first place?
I keep asking myself the same question

How long have you been working at Dee’s?
Almost 12 years.

Best show you’ve attended upstairs?
Honestly, it’s been so long…I can’t remember.

Most memorable table?
Karina Mikler – she tipped so well that’s we became friends and ended up living together. We still get together at Sneaky Dee’s as often as we can.

Favourite Sneaky Dee’s menu item?
The shrimp fajitas.

Favourite music to listen to while working?
Anything but Rush.

One thing you could never live without?
My kids.

Who do you adore most in the world?
Also my kids…and Johnny.

What’s your favourite article of clothing you own?
My jogging pants.

Preferred method of transportation?

Name three albums you could never live without.
Well, my iPod is currently broken, so anything would be nice.

Rich or Poor?
Rich…or at least not poor.

Spring or fall?
Both, spring and fall.

Head or heart?
I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Thanks, Kim! We love working with you too! Listen, guys; Despite Kim’s Rush-hate (we don’t get it either), she’s one of our favorite people. Having awesome servers like Kim (and Morrissey-loving Jay) is one of the reasons that people dig Sneaky Dee’s. The next time you’re here, ask for the girl who travels via teleportation and say hi!

Sneaky Dee’s Unleashes More 25th Anniversary Specials and Giveaways, Debuts King’s Crown Promo Video

In celebration their 25th year anniversary, Toronto institution Sneaky Dee’s continues to roll out the specials for customers! On the 25th of August Sneaky Dee’s will offer every special ever! Aside from that different giveaways will run throughout the day!

– the first 25 people in the restaurant between 4 and 6pm on August 25th will get a free bottle of Sneaky Dee’s signature hot sauce.
– the first 25 people to arrive at Shake a Tail on August 25th (retro dance party hosted every Saturday in the upstairs concert venue) will also get a free hot sauce! No cover before 11:30pm.
– between 3pm and 8pm on August 25th every 25th customer that orders a King’s Crown will get it for FREE!
– follow @TheSneakyDeeson twitter for even more specials and promotions!
To honour the most legendary nacho dish in Toronto, Sneaky Dees’ King’s Crown, Audio Blood produced a short and sweet promo video! Featuring members from local bands The Balconies, Dinosaur Bones, and Sandman Viper Command, the video is meant to attract foreign travellers in to try the ‘Crown.

The King’s Crown is served exclusively at Sneaky Dee’s for $15.95. Description: Crisp corn tortilla chips covered with salsa roja, piled high with frijoles, ground beef, tomatoes, onions, mixed peppers, jalapenos, melted cheese and topped with fresh guacamole and sour cream.



King’s Crown Nacho Video Premiere

Sometimes there is no way to express how badly you want a plate of King’s Crown nachos. But don’t worry, our servers know sign language. The legendary King’s Crown nachos available exclusively at Sneaky Dee’s for $15.95.

Watch the official King’s Crown nacho video here:

All The Specials Ever – Every Month on the 25th

Last month on the 25th we offered you, our amazing (but sometimes smelly) patrons all of our specials ever, all day long. We decided that since you guys are just so awesome we would offer you all the specials on the 25th of each month! That’s right, you can get any of the specials on the list all day long. Come in and get the Kings’ Crown nachos or Destroyer with a 60oz pitcher of Buzz or Cool beer for just $20.85! Or how about a full rack of ribs with fries for just $16.40? The options are endless. Not only will all the specials be available all day but there will also be other awesome #SD25 events happening on the 25th of each month as well!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars, on the 25th of each month get every special ever all day long. You’re very welcome. #SD25

Riot Fest Contest for Toronto Show

BIG NEWS! Our friends over at Riot Fest have graciously hooked up two tickets for the Sneaky Dee’s faithful. How do you get your hands on these you ask? Anyone who purchases ANY item from the merch store will be automatically eligible to win these tickets. Multiple purchases mean multiple chances to win! We will announce the winner by Monday the 20th.

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For all of your who have been living under a rock, a little more about your favourite September festival…

What started as nothing more than some great shows in Chicago back in 2005 Riot Fest has grown into one of the most talked about festivals in North America, and it is finally making its Canadian debut on September 9th 2012 at Fort York: The Garrison. With it being the festival’s first time in Toronto they are bringing some big names in the punk scene. The line up includes: Descendents, Fucked Up, Less Than Jake, Hot Water Music, Mockingbird Wish Me Luck, The Lawrence Arms, Organ Thieves, Junior Battles and a special solo performance by Andrew W.K.

Over the years the festival has been lucky enough to host such bands like Danzig, Naked Raygun, Social Distortion, NOFX, Weezer and more. They continue to grow each year and bring awesome talent to the stage. With their recent but sure to be successful entrance into the Canadian concert scene you can guarantee this festival will become a tradition at Fort York.