#SD25: Audio Blood’s 4th Anniversary and Annual Holiday RAGER


Our buds over at Audio Blood are turning four and bringing the party to Sneaky Dee’s. With an added mix of holiday spirit they are naming this year’s birthday a “Holiday Rager” – SD approved. Remember last year’s Jukebox Generation cover night? Well here we go again!

This year, they are planning a nightlong event of spill your drink laughter, live bands and heavy drinking to celebrate the AB fam jam, 25th anniversary style. After four years of wild concerts, great posters and non-stop fan love, it is time to laugh, cry and dance for the 4th annual celebration. We’re knee deep in our 25th anniversary concert series and were looking at one hell of a bash!

Special appearances by Hands & Teeth, Amos the Transparent, Acres of Lions and more! Check out some of the videos below!

The party extends to everyone including head bangers, nacho enthusiasts, cat lovers, social media hipsters, AB groupies and concert addicts. The all night party starts December 7th at 9PM, bring your friends, family and beloved ugly Christmas sweaters to celebrate.

RSVP on Facebook here


See you punks there!

Hands & Teeth

Amos The Transparent


Written by AB’s Sarah Brown

Free Gift with Every Online Purchase!

There is nothing worse than waking up the morning after a crazy night of drinking at Sneaky Dee’s to only discover you have to walk home without any shades. Sunlight + a wicked hangover = bad news. So we are giving away some protection for the morning after, right now with ANY online purchase we are giving you a FREE pair of limited edition Sneaky Dee’s sunglasses. These bad boys will survive a wild night out and protect your eyes so you can stumble back to us in the morning to grab a coffee and the ultimate hangover cure, a Sneak’s breakfast. With 5 stylish colours and the Sneak’s logo you can be in style even when you feel like shit.




Without a doubt, we have the best looking fans in Toronto. The only thing that could make you guys look even better is a limited edition SD25 T-shirt!

Whether you’ve been with us for 25 years, or you had your first visit yesterday, we want everyone to celebrate 25 years of delicious food, loud music, and good times in style.

The shirts are $15, but since we love you guys so much, they will be on special for 2 for $25. Split the deal with a buddy, give one as a gift, or be “that couple” with matching shirts!

You can grab one of these bad boys in store or online at http://sneaky-dees.com/shop/.

To visit our online store CLICK HERE!

Thought your t-shirt collection couldn’t get any bigger? Think again!

Broke Ass Student Menu is Back by Popular Demand


It’s already October and students are still broke ass and hungry. That being said, Sneaky Dee’s is continuing the Broke Ass Student Menu, back by popular demand! It’s time to celebrate being cheap, attractive and parent dependent. Come celebrate the stingy, overwhelming debt depression of Fall with assorted school night treats. Think big for less.  So pour out your pockets, dig through your friend’s couch for petty cash and tell your friends to join in for some awe-inspiring mouthful delight. All of our sneaky favorites brought to you for the price of $5!

Choose between your all time intoxicated favorites:

– Sneaky Dee’s delicious poutine
– Our spicy Jalapeno Poppers
– A towering plate of our regular nachos
– Our fresh and tasty Avocado Spring Rolls
– Our awe-inspiring Mexi-Dip Platter

Our Broke-Ass Student Menu is for school nights only, so from Sunday to Thursday, stop into Sneaky Dee’s for some delicious tex-mex that even you can afford!


Written by AB’s Sarah Brown

“Battle of the Best” Nacho Competition on Toronto.com VOTE VOTE VOTE!


We all know that we have the best nachos in the city, but now it’s time to prove it. We need YOU to vote for our nachos (over and over again if you really love us). Toronto.com is hosting a “Battle of the Best” Nacho competition to find out who has the best nachos in the city.

How to vote:

2. VOTE.

3. Repeat until we are champions.

We are entering the first round against Utopia. Make sure you vote so we can move on in the competition and make it to the finals. You can vote until December 20th!

Whether you enjoy the gluttonous Destroyer nacho, our vegan friendly nachos or our famed King’s Crown platter of nacho goodness, we have a nacho to please every palate.

We don’t merely want to win this competition; we want to crush our competition. We may be up against some difficult opponents, but we are out to prove that Sneaky Dee’s is serving up Toronto’s favourite nacho. Think of it as a 25th birthday gift to us. Thanks in advance for your support!


The 25th is here!


Hold onto your hats Sneaky Dee’s fans, because your favorite purveyor of tex-mex genius has gone batshit crazy! If you’re new in town, you might have only JUST heard that Sneaky Dee’s is celebrating 25 years in business. We’re so completely proud of ourselves (and especially of all of you fine people that have kept us running all these years), that we’ve decided to celebrate our 25th Anniversary on the 25th day of every month!

Your friend in the back is going “Okay…so what?”. Screw him, we’re getting to that.

Our #SD25 celebrations mean we’re making all of our specials available all day long. That means you can come in, have a rack of ribs for $16.40, and wash the whole thing down with a Destroyer platter and a pitcher of Buzz or Cool beer for 20 bucks.

So don’t forget to come in tomorrow looking for every special ever. All. Day. Long!

Scenes from What’s Poppin’

If we know one thing for certain (and we like to think we know a few other things too), it’s that our weekly What’s Poppin’ dance party is one of Toronto’s best ways to coast over hump day. Now, we’ve partnered with WKD Vodka to make What’s Poppin’ the balls-out, completely fucked party that we’ve all wanted!

Don’t believe us? Check out these great shots from last week’s What’s Poppin’. If this doesn’t get you out to the next one, well…we’ve got cheap beer and a great soundtrack too!