Movember Team and Nacho Contest

We want to take this opportunity to formerly announce that we love men. That’s why we’re dedicating this month to raise awareness for men’s health. We will do anything to raise awareness and funds for our bros, especially if helping the cause involves growing a mustache. November, otherwise known as “Movember,” is one of our all-time favourite months. We want to join the fight against prostate cancer and promote men’s health by growing some of the most glorious mustaches in the city.  Here’s how you can help:

Nachos for a Cause.
On the 25th of Movember, 25% of every plate of King’s Crown Nachos will be donated to our Movember Team. Nothing compliments our nachos quite like a good deed, so head down to Sneak’s on November 25 for the most delicious plate of nachos you will ever experience.

Sneaky Dee’s Official Movember Team
Sneaky Dee’s is putting together an all-star team of mustache growers. The team will be working on the growth and maintenance of these mustaches day and night, because nothing says screw you, cancer quite like a well groomed mustache. As mentioned above, you can also donate to the team by purchasing a plate of King’s Crown nachos on November 25th!
Visit and Donate to Our Team HERE

The Contest
We have a seriously wicked prize pack that you could win! To enter, share this blog post with your social networks. Remember, you MUST TAG Sneaky Dees in your tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts.

Here’s what you could win!
Kings Crown Nacho (Must redeem on the 25th)
A Movember Snap Back hat
2 Awesome Tee’s
Jean Vest
+ pins, posters, & more!

If you love men as much as we do, join us on this mission! Share the post, support the team, and eat delicious nachos!

Sneaky Dee’s King’s Crown Nacho Contest: WIN FREE NACHOS


First off, thank-you to everyone for voting Sneaky Dee’s as Toronto’s best nachos on! None of our competition stood a chance with our wonderful fans backing us up. Now that we have been officially “crowned” the champion, we’ve decided to celebrate with a contest to win FREE King’s Crown nachos.


Here’s how you can enter:


Step 1: Click HERE for the King’s Crown Nachos Video

Step 2: Grab the URL and Share it on Facebook!

Step 3: Make sure you TAG Sneaky Dee’s

Step 4: We will choose a winner on Nov. 16th

It’s very important that you tag Sneaky Dee’s in the post!  That way we can keep track of all the entries!


Good luck and share away!


#SD25 Top 25 Photos That Prove We Know How To Party

For all the sloppy nights, ear aches, pony tail whips and exhausted middle fingers, it’s time to bring on the party with SD’s top 25 photos to prove to you punks that we know how to party. Here at Sneaky Dee’s we don’t party like rockstars, we party like the chucks we wear, dirty and careless. Expect to see some bruises, a couple beards, funny drunk faces and a whole lot of sweat. The space is small, the crowd is big and we want to high five the people who took part in the following photos: you came, you saw and you conquered the mosh pits, stench and spills of the Sneaky Dee’s Party. Kudos Party People.

#25: There are no rules when it comes to the Sneaky Stage. Consider the experience an exclusive relationship between band and fans, together as one. You sing, we dance baby. #Hollerado

#24: It doesn’t matter if your drunk, high or just extremely happy to be in the front row. These faces are straight up priceless.

#23: Check out the twinsies in the left corner. They match. Deal with it.

#22: We know how to party because we have tank tops to wear to the party. And even better, our models don’t need to smile to look cool in the tank tops. Mad Respect.

#21: Recognize that face? No we couldn’t either. Don’t expect to be standing still at any point, you’ll be way too busy partying.

#20: If there is one thing party people know, it’s that real party people like to eat, a lot.

#19: Stop trying to find the floor, you won’t find it.

#18: Check out that time Japandroids hit the stage. Even better, look to your right and check out this guy’s awesome face. Excited much?

#17: Welcome to Heaven. He may not know where or who he is, but all we know is that this guy knows where to party.

#16: Girl 1: “Like, I totally just like love this Party”. Girl 2 Response, “Haha, this place, like, totally knows how to party!”. Girl 3, “Shut up. And Dance.”

#15: Mosh Pit: Expect some bruises party people.

#14  JEFFRO TULL. Yep that’s right, @ yours truly, Sneaky Dee’s.


#13 Rob Dyer is a regular at Sneaky Dee’s. Not to Brag. Expect to see him at the next Sk8te For Cancer event.

#12 Sometimes the real party happens in the bathroom. Real party people have real feelings. Check out our bathroom and see what abstract wisdom the punks of party had to say.

#11 Speaking of bathroom parties, it’s a bathroom party! #Monotonix

#10 Note to self: When your middle finger gets tired, and you’re still angry. Use your pinky?

#9 Rough day? Take off your sweater, scream and rub up against the city’s finest. #Japanther

#8 Chucks in the air. Just another night at old SD’s. Warning:  Try not to get kicked in the face.

#7 Breakfast, bacon and all the best food for the morning after. We take care of you guys, obviously.

#6 Laughing, screaming, crying? You decide.

#5  The party is not restricted to the night you know. Put your sunglasses on, it’s still light out!


#4 If people in comic books party at Sneaky Dee’s, I think it’s safe to say were pretty cool. Scott Pilgrim what’s up!

#3 We don’t discriminate. A party is a party. #Monotonix

#2 Even Bill Murray parties at Sneaks. Why? Because we’re awesome.

#1: We chose this as our number 1 photo because we know that no matter what party, we’ll always have your back. Through rain, snow, blizzards and future Hurricane Sandy’s, were here for ya. Nachos and all.




#SD25 Top Five Halloween Photos of 2012

Remember that time you woke up after Halloween? Yeah we didn’t either, until the photos from last night were uploaded. The night was one to admire, the costumes were questionable and the dancing was, well, a little shameless at times. Here at Sneaky Dee’s we want to share the love, and the photos that made last night the party it was. Cringe, smile, laugh and enjoy the top five Sneaky Halloween Party pics of 2012. Congratulations top 5, you showed the world what it means to party, 25th anniversary Style. Party on!!

Metal Shirt Clothing Drive – Donate Old Band Shirts!


Got any old band shirts lying around? Maybe a band you no longer listen to, or a shirt that has been through one too many mosh pits? We have the solution.

We want you to donate your old band shirts to those in need! We know it can be hard to say goodbye to your beloved concert memories, but when you decide its time to let go, hit up this amazing clothing drive that will put them to good use!

Our friends at Rock the Coliseum are running the Metal Shirt Clothing Drive. They are looking for any old metal/punk/rock/hardcore shirts for donation to St. Michael’s Hospital for their transition centre, benefiting homeless or marginally housed patients.

We will be supporting the drive on November 9 & 20th so come drop off your shirts, upstairs at Sneaks! More December dates will be announced soon, and we hope to see everyone celebrating the Christmas season with lots of donations!

If you are in a band, and have old or awkwardly sized  merch, this is the  perfect opportunity to get rid of it while doing a good deed!

Take it off and give back to your community!

Follow MSCD on Twitter HERE

Check out  the Facebook event HERE

A Sneaky Dee’s Special Tex Mex Thank You

A special thanks to all the punks who took part  in the Battle of the Nachos! It’s no surprise to brag that Sneaky Dee’s has officially been titled Toronto’s King of Nachos. The Sneaky fam would like to give a friendly thumbs up  to all the over the top Nacho Enthusiasts, hooligans and SD regulars who participated this month to show the love. The Lone Star Texas Grill felt the wrath of the true Tex Mex Champion in cheese burning defeat, it was really something. The online combat was long, and at times mouth watering, but we knew we would rise to the top. Kudos to all the real Nacho fanatics, we really appreciate it guys. We never doubted you for a second.


This is why we call them the King’s Crown. Thanks for the love Nacho enthusiast. Down with the Lone Star Texas Grill!