Sneaky Dee’s New Years Eve Party: Get Blown

If the world doesn’t end on December 21, 2012, you’re going to need to know what your plans are for New Years Eve. But don’t worry because we have you covered. Sneaky Dee’s is prepared to bring the party to you with our New Year’s rager, “Get Blown” featuring Pinot and CoryB. This is going to be a big night, as we roll into our 26th year of making the best nachos and hosting the hottest parties. Skip the fancy overpriced soiree and hit up Sneaks for a night of hip hop, electro, funk and pretty much any type of music you can imagine… but no Dubstep. Repeat, no Dubstep.

We can’t think of a better night to celebrate our customers and all you party people! But you better make plans fast! This is bound to sell out! So put on some sneakers, roll out of bed and purchase advance tickets for just $10 at the Sneaky Dee’s downstairs bar. Or if you’re a social media guru, grab advanced tickets at Celebrate 2013 with the Sneaky Dee’s family, and be prepared to party like never before. Yolo!


25 Reasons To Party With Us

Birthday? Sneaky Dee’s. Anniversary? Sneaky Dee’s. Baby shower? Sneaky Dee’s. Monday? Definitely Sneaky Dee’s. Whatever the occasion, we have you covered when you want to party the hardest. Here are a few reasons why we are the best in the business at partying.

1.       The Tunes

Sneaky Dee’s has gained its success by bringing our customers the best food and also the best bands. The 200+ capacity concert venue has had some great talent grace its stage. We have hosted artists like Broken Social Scene, Feist, Arcade Fire, Fucked up, Cancer Bats and many more! Whether you want to get sweaty with your favourite punk band or watch a laid back performance from an east coast indie darling, we always aim to bring our customers their favourite artists.

2.       The Hours

Our kitchen is open until 4 a.m. Have you ever gotten kicked out of a bar because their last call is 2 a.m.? Or maybe you just need somewhere to munch out a 4 in the morning. No problem! Sneak’s has you covered.

3.       The Community

Sneaky Dee’s has been building its loyal customer base for over 25 years. The reason we have been so successful is because our customers love us and we love them. Everyone in our community is a family, and we welcome new blood to the Sneak’s family with open arms.

4.       The Munchies

Have you checked out our menu? From the all-day breakfast to the late night munchies, we are serving up the best tex-mex in Toronto. Stop by anytime for delicious eggs benedict, or perhaps if you’re feeling ballsy you’d like a platter of Destroyer Nachos. Of course, you can always stick to a classic burger or salad.  We have something for everyone!

5.       The Beer

Cheap pitchers. That is all.

6.       The Specials

We like to spice things up, so every day we offer different specials. Check out our specials list to see when your favourite Sneak’s specialty is being served up for a discounted price!

7.       The Décor

Our décor is designed to make you feel comfortable and ready to party. We aren’t into looking pristine and classy.  We want our customers to feel ready to drink pitchers, much on delicious food, and get sweaty with their favourite bands. Other restaurants might look like a nice place to take your grandmother out for a meal, but our décor screams, “Let’s party.”

8.       Vegan and Veggie Options

Sneak’s is a place where everyone is welcome. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, we make sure you aren’t left out! We have scrumptious salads, veggie chili, veggie and vegan nachos, some of the finest vegetarian sandwiches in the city, a veggie burger, and so much more!

9.       Weekly Events

We have four weekly parties that have become staples to the Sneak’s community. On Mondays, we invite everyone to Legends of Karaoke to belt out their favourite tunes. Choose form a list of 15,000 songs and enjoy 3$ drinks before 11 p.m. If you’re not too tired from showing off your mad skills at karaoke, we invite you to join us on Tuesday for our brand new event, WATCH OUT! This new installment to the Sneak’s party family celebrates hardcore, emo, pop punk, metal and all the tracks you love but thought it wasn’t okay to like now that you can drink legally in bars.  Once you cure your hangover from Watch Out!, you can head to What’s Poppin’ on Wednesdays! Mixing quality high school anthems with the downtown basement jams, this is the best party you will find in Toronto on a Wednesday night. We take a few days off to recuperate for Shake  A Tail on Saturdays nights. This is a 10 year strong frolic fest that will be sure to get you shakin your tails!

10.   The Rave Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. Check out what some of Toronto’s finest publications have to say about Sneaks!

“…Once you’ve had the Sneaky Dee’s experience, you’ll salivate just thinking about it.” – The Toronto Star

“[Sneaky Dee’s] is a Toronto landmark” – The National Post

“This is the type of place where you think to yourself, all these people are either a) in a band, or b) want to be in a band, or c) think they’re already in a band…” – The National Post

“Eat Tex-Mex amidst wall murals of comix on crack.” – Fashion Magazine

“Surround yourself with the graffiti-splattered wooden booths, the young ‘uns and their loud, crazy guitar music and the rumble from the upstairs concert venue…” –Toronto Life

“Is there 20 bucks better spent than on a half-price, 60-ounce pitcher of domestic suds and a king-sized order of King’s Crown Nachos at too-cool cantina Sneaky Dee’s?” – NOW Magazine

“With the kitchen open until the wee hours, Sneaky Dee’s is one of the prime places in Toronto to satisfy the late-night munchies.” –

11.   The History

This year is our 25th birthday. We are so grateful to have found such a successful home here in Toronto. For 25 years we have been making memories with our favourite customers, bands and staff members. We come from humble beginnings, and love each and every person that made our success possible. Our story is too long to write in this post, but check it out on our website.

12.   The Cost

Our food is not only delicious, it is also affordable. We give you great deals for food piled high and offer a different special every day. We maintain a high standard for our food while bringing it to you for an affordable cost. We also provide special menus for fans and students (see below). Did we mention the cheap pitchers?

13.   The Cheap-Ass Fan Menu Menus

You can head HERE and like us on Facebook for access to the Facebook Fan menu.

14.   The Popularity

There is not one night of the week that Sneak’s is not packed with excited young people that are always ready to get the party going. Whether you are already a part of our loyal fan base, or it’s your first time at Sneak’s you will always find new friends and good times.

15.   The Legends

Sneaky Dee’s is legend…wait for it.. dary in so many ways. The bands that play here have become local legends and worldwide legends, and the food is pretty legendary too. I dare you to ask someone about nachos in Toronto without mention of the King’s Crown. Our parties are legendary, and we’re one of the only places in Toronto keeping the party going until 4 a.m. After 25 years of serving Toronto, we have established quite a reputation.

16.   The Contests

We love running contests and giveaways. We mostly run them through Twitter and Facebook so check us out and give us a follow and a like for your chance to win swag and delicious , delicious food!

17.   The Crowd

The Sneak’s crowd is not your average group of Mexican food lovers. We are a family ranging from punk rockers to hipsters to tourists. If you are looking for a place where you belong, look no further. Our community encourages being different, unique, and most importantly, yourself. Without getting too sentimental here, we love people from all backgrounds and can’t wait to party with all kinds of eccentric people!

18.   The BEST Nachos

Have we mentioned lately that we won the title of Toronto’s best nachos from There’s a damn good reason for that! Our nachos are piled high with the best homemade ingredients, with options for all kinds of customers! From our famed King’s Crown, to the gluttonous Destroyer nachos, to our delicious vegan alternatives, our nachos can satisfy any palate.

19.   The Staff

Our staff are not only incredibly good looking, they are also friendly, fun and all around good people. No matter how bad your day was, you can always count of the folks here at Sneak’s to treat you right and make you smile.

20.   The Merch

How many restaurants have awesome merch for their customers? We’re not sure, but we certainly do! We offer t-shirts, tanks, tuques, sunglasses and more at our online store. Since we have such good looking customers, we had to create the best looking merch in town. When you see someone wearing Sneak’s merch, you can be sure they know how to party.

21.   All Day Breakfast

Breakfast is so delicious, but since our crowd knows how to party, it gets really hard to wake up in time to eat it. That’s why we offer it ALL DAY! Who cares if you want to wake up at 3 p.m. and have an omelette? We certainly don’t!

22.   We are in Scott Pilgrim

…and Scott Pilgrim knows how to party.

23.   This

24.   This

25.   And This

If you haven’t come to party with us yet, it’s never too late! Drop by anytime and expect the best food, the most affordable drinks, and the greatest company anyone could ever hope for.

NEW(ish) Sneaky Dee’s Hoodies!

Come punk, come all. The weather is miserable, the winter season is back and what better way to celebrate than with an awesome hoodie to keep you protected against the season’s annual ammunition of rain, snow and beer. The special edition of Sneaky Dee’s classic black hoodie has arrived and is now available for purchase at Sneaky Dee’s and online on the SD store . Thanks to the multi-talented punk rock legend Chris Cresswell (from the Flatliners), this classic throwback design has been remixed and is radder than ever.

Show your friends what it means to have the best taste in nachos and best taste in style. The hoodie is one of a kind and perfect for all occasions, whether you’re waiting for late night streetcar, raging at a rock show or hanging with grandma at Sunday morning brunch. Come on down to Sneaky Dee’s, get a plate of nachos and try on a hoodie for size. You’re guaranteed to be satisfied with both the eats and new hoodie.

Keep it classy, you guys.

#SD25 Tattoo Party

Hey, do you love tattoos? Do you have tattoos? Do you want more tattoos?

In honour of Sneaky Dee’s 25th anniversary we will be hosting a tattoo party on December 2nd from 12pm until 7pm.  What’s a tattoo party you ask? Basically you come to Sneaky Dee’s and get TATTOO’D FOR FREE while we all party. Yes, that’s right… a “come get a free tattoo and party, party”. So bring your tattooed friends, pierced colleagues and what’s left of you Movember mustaches to Sneaky Dee’s and everyone gets ink’d on us.  Choose between assorted designs of Sneaky Dee’s logos, long horn or SD related theme and expect to pay absolutely nothing. Don’t ever tell anybody that Sneaks didn’t look out for you because we’ve arranged to have Anchor Tattoo’s notorious Franz Stefanik provide the perfect tattoo.

The day will mark another celebrated #SD25 event and is sure to be a day full of happiness, smiles and first timer tears as the longhorn is permanently branded into your skin. Do us a favor and spread the word. Tattoos will be available for anybody willing to mark themselves with the Sneaky horns. Feel free to tattoo wherever the hell you feel like, if you’re thinking face, ass or even a beloved tramp stamp, we won’t judge you! Just remember, nothing says “awesome” like a tattoo that says you eat the best nachos, party the hardest and drink the most. Tattoos will be available from 12pm to 7pm, first come first served!

Introducing Chris – The Third Sneakiest Dee.

Well it turns out you guys really really liked getting to know our staff a little better. You had the chance to get to meet our previous Sneakiest Dee’s Kim, who can teleport to work and Jay, who is Morrissey’s biggest fan. We really do work with the coolest people ever…

Now its time for you to meet our badass Bar Back Chris Foss. He stays in shape by running up and down the stairs to make sure the bar’s fridge is stocked with your favourite beers all night long. He knows how to party and that is why her is one of the Sneakiest Dee’s.

1. What’s your favourite part about working at Sneaky Dee’s?
Not the stairs (I carry a lot up them). Mostly the metal shows.

2. How did you get here in the first place?
Dropped off a resume.

3. How long have you worked at Dee’s?
2 years.

4. Best show you’ve attended upstairs?
Total Chaos.

5. Favorite Sneaky Dee’s Menu item?

6. Favorite music to listen to while working?

7. One thing you could never live without?

8. Who do you adore most in the world?
Celine Dion

9. What’s your favourite article of clothing you own?
Belt buckle.

10. Preferred method of transportation?

11. Name three albums you could never live without?
1.Metallica- The Black Album
2.Megadeath- Countdown To Extinction
3.White Zombie- Astro Creep:2000

12. Rich or famous?

13. Spring or fall?
Fall, because it doesn’t smell like shit.

14. Head or heart?

15. Preferred method of death in a horror film?

16. Worst movie?
Contact (with Jodie Foster).

17. Favorite movie?
Titanic (numbers don’t lie).

18. Pets?
Snake named Nagini (from Harry Potter).

19. Fun Fact:
Jay maintains my facial hair.


Oh Chris! Nagini is a beauty.  Next time you see Chris make sure to give him a big high five!


The Sneaky Dee’s Bros Mo’s

The men at Sneaky Dee’s have been working extremely hard at raising money for Movember and working even harder at growing some hair above their lip! Check out there Mo’s so far!




“Movember” Event Listings

Happy Movember everyone! This is going to be one killer month. We’re bringing you some great bands, including Armed and Hammered, Man Overboard, and Little Black Dress. In other news, since we hate cancer, and love beautifully sculpted mustaches, we’re putting together an official Movember team. You can support us by buying King’s Crown nachos on November 25th; 25% of sales will go to Movember! You can also visit our Mo page HERE. Since we love all of you, we have set up two contests that involve winning a FREE plate of nachos and some sweet Mo swag. Check out our website for details! See below for full event listings.

Tuesday, November 13th
Doors @ 9:00pm
Finally bring the hardcore/punk/metalcore club night back up to where it all began, My Friends Over You is a new weekly dance party at Sneaky Dee’s that will literally blow you out of the water. This is the heaviest night of your life, so you might as well get behind it.

Wednesday, November 14th
Doors @ 9:00pm
Mixing quality high school anthems with the downtown basement jams your parents still hate you know the words to, Toronto’s finest indie artists throw a Wednesday night jam that makes ‘No Work Thursday’ what it’s meant to mean. Hands down the BEST mid-week party in town.

Thursday, November 15th
Doors @ 9:00pm
Cost: $8.50 advance, 10 @ the door
Tickets available at Rotate This and Soundscapes

Saturday, November 17th – Early
Featuring: Seaway& Like Pacific
Doors @ 6:00pm
Cost: $13.50 advance
Tickets available through Ticketmaster

Saturday, November 17th – Late
Doors @ 9:00pm

Sunday, November 18th

Featuring: DYLAN GOTT, Julia Hladkowicz , Todd Graham, Clifford Myers, and Darryl Orr,
Doors @ 9:30pm
Cost: Pay What You Can

Monday, November 19th
Doors @ 8:00pm

Tuesday, November 20th
Doors @ 9:00pm

Wednesday, November 21st
Doors @ 12:00pm

Friday, November 23rd
Doors @ 8:00pm
More info. coming soon!

Saturday, November 24th
Featuring:  July and On Corinthians
Doors @ 5:00pm

Saturday, November 24th
Doors @ 9:00pm

Sunday, November 25th
Doors @ 7:30pm
Cost: $16

Monday, November 26th
Doors @ 8:00pm

Wednesday, November 28th
Doors @ 12:00pm

Thursday, November 29th
Featuring: The Brilliance, Cardinals and Colour Color
Doors @ 8:00pm
Tickets available through
THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS is filming a music video! Live footage of the band and the crowd (that’s you!!) will be used from this concert, so make sure to get to the front of the stage if you want to watch yourself partying down with the boys!