Dee’s Does Canadian Music Week

We are stoked to announce that we will be once again be a participating venue during Canadian Music Week (which is less than a week away) March 19-24! You better believe we have something planned for you festival goer’s every night of the week. Get you’re party hats on because we are going non-stop!

Greater Than Giants, Saint Alvia, Mac Demarco, Brews Willis, Brighter Brightest are just a few of the bands gracing the stage in celebration of Canadian Music Week at Sneaky Dee’s. Full listings are below.

Tuesday March 19th – Watch Out!
11:00pm: Greater Than Giants
12:00am: Harbour

Wednesday, March 20th –  What’s Poppin
Weekly Dance Party

Thursday March 21st – CMF Showcase
10:00pm: Saint Alvia
Stomp Records Showcase
12:00am: The Beatdown
1:00am: East End Radicals
2:00am: The Brains

Friday, March 22nd – M for Montreal Presents
9:00pm: Peter Peter
10:00pm: Ponctuation
11:00pm: We Are Wolves
12:00am: Grounders
1:00am: Mac Demarco
2:00am: Brews Willis

Saturday March 23rd – Travis Porter Showcase
9:00pm: Angel At My Table
10:00pm: Brighter Brightest
11:00pm: Lambs become Lions
12:00am: The Little Black Dress
1:00am: The Archives
2:00am: Fine Times
3:00am: Elos Arma

Sunday March 24th – CMF Showcase
8:00pm: Marty Oblak
9:00pm: Fairview
10:00pm: Drew Leith & the Foundation
11:00pm: Beech Street
12:00am: Rivers & Autumn
1:00am: Flood the Sun
2:00am: Ravenhead



Introducing The Sneaky Dee’s Gift Card!

You better believe it we’ve finally added gift cards to our online store! So when in doubt what to get your boss, best friend, family or anyone really for that special occasion you can’t lose with the a Sneaky Dee’s Gift Card!

You can purchase on our online store  now and you will be given an e-ticket that can be printed and brought into the restaurant. SUPER SIMPLE RIGHT!? Right now, you can purchase a gift card for either $15 or $25.

The card can be used for either Dee’s Merch or for food. It’s all up to you. All the details can be found here


Get to Know Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company a Little Better

You may have noticed that Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company is the brand spanking new sponsor of Saturday night’s hottest dance party Shake-a-Tail! Don’t know about you guys, but we are big fans of this beer and we sat down with our good friend Steve from Beau’s and learned a whole bunch about them. CHECK IT OUT.

Let’s start off by giving our readers a little Beau’s history lesson! How did you get started?

Sure…I’d been living in Toronto for about 10 years after moving away from my hometown, Vankleek Hill.  Incidentally, I virtually lived at Sneaks for a good part of that time.

My Dad came to visit me one day and told me he was shutting down his old textile business and needed to figure out what to do with the building.  We brainstormed a bit and when the idea to start a brewery came up, I said I’d gladly quit my job, sell my house and move home to start this up.

We spent that day dreaming up this new brewery we would start and when we sobered up the next day it still seemed like a good idea!

It took about two years of planning, but in 2006, we launched and have never looked back.

What keeps Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. all natural?

Well, lots.  Every beer we make is certified organic, we use local spring water, we don’t add corn syrup or other cheap ingredients, or add animal bi-products or chemicals to alter our beer.  I could go on, but I think you get the point…we take this seriously!

Why is it so important to remain independent?

I grew up on indie music, and believe firmly in the DIY ethic.  It’s important to me to feel like I have a real relationship with my customers and that we remain true to our ideals.  If we sell out, how could I believe that some foreign-owned multi-global-hyper-company would give a damn about the things that matter to me?

Beau’s talks a lot about being passionate about beer. How passionate is passionate?

Passionate is as passionate does!  This is a lifestyle, not a job – for all of us.  We get up in the morning, spend all day thinking about beer, then spend the evening together talking about beer and enjoying a few as well.

What’s Beau’s essentials for a great night out on the town?

A great night is a rather simple thing, conversation, good beer and good tunes.  Add a good meal to that recipe and presto!

Why did you choose to host Shake-A-Tail?

We believe strongly that a local brewery is an important part of a strong, sustainable community.  Last year we supported 100 charities, community building events and indie arts organizations.  It’s part of who we are.

What song can you not resist shaking a tail to?

The list is too long!  We’ve got a lot of musicians at the brewery including members of Maximum RNR, The Flatliners, The Heatskores, The Peelers, Constable Brennan, Terry Gilespie and Chris Rayburn, so there’s lots to choose from right at the brewery.  I got The Cramps ‘Stay Sick’ on vinyl last night as an early birthday present, so I was shaking my tail to that last night.

What Beau’s brews would you pair with our famous nacho dishes (Kings Crown, The Destroyer, Cactus in the Valley)?

It’s important not to underestimate the understated awesomeness of Sneaky’s plain nachos.  It’s a lot like our Lugtread, when you do something simple perfectly, you’ve got something special.

Our wild oats selections remind me a lot of the Kings Crown.  I get the sense they sat around for weeks trying to figure out how to fit more flavour into that plate of food, a lot like our recipe development for those bigger beers.

Anything else you’d like our fans to know about Beau’s?

That we love Sneaky Dee’s too!!

Introducing Lyndz – The Fourth Sneakiest Dee

We really cherish our staff and we want you to get to know some of them a little bit better! So far you’ve really gotten to know our previous Sneakiest Dee’s Jay, Kim and Chris and now it’s time to introduce you to our 4th Sneakiest Dee, Lyndz!

1.     Favorite part of working at Dee’s?
The fabulous customers and co-workers. They’re all so amazing, I love everyone!

2.     How did you get here in the first place?
After my cartwheel in front of George didn’t work, constant harassment!

3.     How long have you been here?
Seven wonderful years!

4.     Best show you’ve attended upstairs?
Titan, because one of my best friends (Mike Hawco) is in the band!!

5.     Favorite Sneaky Dee’s menu item?
OMG, everything of course!

6.     Favorite music to listen to while working?
80’s baby, all the way!

7.     What is your favorite article of clothing you own?
HA! Have you met me? EVERYTHING!!! My wardrobe rivals most thrift stores!

8.     Preferred method of transportation?
Ummmm, bike?
Joshy: Lyndz it’s been locked outside for half a year
Lyndz: I’m confused….

9.     Rich or famous?
Why not both?! I’m fabulous and awesome!

10. Spring or fall?
Summer, DUH!

11. Head or heart?
Neither, I just go with the flow!

12. Pets?
Sophia Lauren, my old English bulldog! We’re  besties!

13. Favorite tattoo?
My Sneaky Dee’s one, represent!
14. Worst thing that has ever happened while working?
I’m pretty clumsy, one time while running food I tripped and cracked my head off a corner. Oh, and one time while walking I cracked my head off a door and knocked myself out cold. And one time…

Joshy: I think we get it.

15. Favorite Disney movie?
All of them! They inspire my wardrobe!

2-For-1 Valentine’s Day Sale!!

If you haven’t noticed yet, Sneaky Dee’s loves you, and we’re showing you our love the best way we know how, by giving you a sweet deal on our SD25 limited edition tanks for Valentines Day! If you buy one SD25 tank in any size and color, we will give you ANOTHER one in any size and color for free! It’s 2-for-1!

It only makes sense. No one wants to be alone on Valentines Day, so pick up a tank, get one for free, and give it to someone who makes you feel special. “Oh, but Sneaky Dee’s, I don’t have a Valentine, what am I going to do?!?” – Well we’ll tell you what you’re gonna do. Grab these tanks, give one to your crush, and let everything else play out as it should. Because we all know that anyone who digs Dee’s merch as much as you must be the one!

So get over to and choose which SD25 tank you want, then email with the details for your second, free tank. Don’t forget to show Sneaky Dee’s some love too and pick up some of our other great merch to go with your new tanks!

Branko’s Birfday Bash This Friday!

We want to wish a big Happy Birthday to our good pal Branko! Branko aka Serb Superb is another year older and we are helping him celebrate in style!

Branko’s Birfday Bash is going down THIS Friday upstairs and its going to get wild! There will be a secret DJ spinning tunes, dancing, more dancing and a special freestyle set from Serb Superb himself.

Did we mention it’s FREE!

So come celebrate with us!

Details :

Remembering #SD25

In 2012, We reached a pretty big milestone – we hit our 25th anniversary! Like anyone else who hits their quarter life crisis, we thought it was time to have a crazy party!  So, we partied throughout the year, had some great events, and saw even greater people grace our halls over the year. We’re already feeling kind of nostalgic, so let’s check out what went on last year.

We’re known for a lot of things, one of those things is our awesome food.  And this year you gave us one of the best birthday presents we could ask for – you voted the Kings Crown nachos as “Best in Toronto”.  In appreciation, every 25th of the month we offered EVERY SPECIAL EVER, and that was a huge hit, to say the least.  We were also throwing around free bottles of hot sauce all year, wicked drink specials, and to top it off, had an amazing customer appreciation night to celebrate both our birthday and how much we love all you guys who keep us going.  I think we’re still recovering from that hangover.

We’ve also become pretty well known for some of the crazy shows and bands that have graced our stage upstairs over the last few years, ranging from Broken Social Scene, to Fucked Up, and Arcade Fire.  Something special had to be done for SD25, so we set up the SD25 concert series! It all kicked off with two huge back to back shows from BC pop-punk legends GOB!  The great shows continued throughout the year with performances from State Champs, The Riverboat Gamblers, We Are Union, and Comeback Kid, and Cancer Bats, just to name a few.

On top of all the awesome shows that were being put on as part of SD25, we hosted some pretty awesome events too, partly to celebrate SD25, but more importantly, to give back to the community that has supported us over so many years.  It started with a special fundraising event hosted by Skate4Cancer with proceeds from the event going to the Wellspring Foundation.  The giving continued in November where 25% of the profits from every Kings Crown sold went directly to the Movember charity.  Of course, we did have to make some room for partying too, so we hosted an awesome Tattoo Day where people can come and party, and more importantly, get tattooed FOR FREE by Franz Stefanic of Anchor Tattoo – it was a great time.

No birthday party of complete without swag and pictures, right? We know partying hard can make memories a little bit fuzzy, so to help everyone remember we made some pretty sweet limited edition SD25 tank tops, and even some limited edition #SD25 concert series poster so you can remember all the great times you had celebrating with us.  If you missed out, all of it is still available at the Sneak’s online store so get out there and pick some up! Don’t forget to also check out all the great photos from the SD25 celebrations right here; and if your friends STILL haven’t been convinced to check out Sneak’s, then tell them to check out the 25 reasons why vegans/vegetarians should eat there, and 25 reasons why everyone should party at Sneak’s.

All in all, it was a pretty wild time.  Thanks to everyone that helped give us some great memories for our 25th birthday, and all we can hope for is 25 more years!