Dee’s is Famous!

Sneaky Dee’s is known for so much; our food, our good looking staff, our concerts and obviously our wicked atmosphere! So it’s no wonder that Sneaky Dee’s has been featured countless times in videos – from Cancer Bats to Holy Fuck. Check out all the different videos filmed at Sneaky Dee’s below!

Bricks and Mortar – The Cancer Bats( Try and spot George)

Cancer Bats Live at Dee’s!

I Play My Kazoo ( Live Session) – Grand Analog

Interview with Lights – And Pop

City Sonic Interview with Brian Borchert (Holy Fuck)

Exclaim! TV interview with The Snips

Lights Media Day at Dee’s

Canadian singer Lights has just released a brand new acoustic album ‘Siberia’ this past week! She has also just released her new single ‘Cactus in The Valley’ which her signature nacho dish here was named after!

We’re super stoked for the new record and she had a great day doing interviews upstairs with a bunch of different outlets! Check out all the lovely interviews with her below!

WATCH: 680 News Interview

WATCH: MSN Interview Here

WATCH: AndPop Interview Here

You can buy the album here!


Dee’s Nachos and More are Gluten Free!

We know it’s a tough world out there for those of you who have gluten free diets. But don’t you worry your little hearts, Sneaky Dee’s has got you covered!

All of our Nachos are gluten free. That’s right, we use Corn Chip’s, gluten-free cheese, sour cream and everything else on-top is GLUTEN FREE. So when ordering your next batch of King’s Crown or Cactus in the Valley Nachos, don’t stress!

We also have several other menu items such as our enchiladas, chilli, and tacos that are gluten-free! Pretty rad.

So all of you with Gluten-Free diets, we got your back.

A Photo Story: Lydia’s First King’s Crown Experience

Hailing all the way from Gilbert, Arizona, Lydia just kicked off their first headlining tour across North America and made a stop in Toronto, playing upstairs here at Sneaky Dee’s!  This is the band’s second time ever in Toronto and we wanted them to have an authentic Toronto experience… So we got them to try our Legendary King’s Crown Nachos! Check out the photos below!

Before the band could get any food, they had to take care of business and do a quick sound check!


Sounding good!


After a successful sound check it’s time for some beers and the boys are anxiously awaiting their first plate of King’s Crown Nachos!


Here it comes:  Matt’s Reaction to it all! “WHHHAAAAAT!!!!?”””


“It’s like the Jenga of nachos”

Time to dig in boys!


True happiness


“How do you properly eat this?!”



Almost done…


But it’s SOOOO good

Cheers to Lydia and The Legendary King’s Crown!


Now that the band is well fed it’s time to get ready for the show!


The crowd is here and ready to see Lydia!!!


The band finally hits the stage for a killer show!


Thanks to Lydia for letting us follow them around to document their time at Sneaky Dee’s! We had a blast with them and we’re glad they enjoyed the King’s Crown. But let’s get real… how could they not enjoy such legendary nachos! Hope you guys had a blast watching Lydia play, because we sure did! 


Photos by: Geoff Stairs



CMW at Sneaky Dee’s!

Canadian Music Week 2013 wrapped up a few weeks ago, but we couldn’t let the occasion pass without thanking our amazing Sneaky Dee’s customers! We hosted several amazing bands and events each night of the festival and without you, none of it would have been possible. We had such a blast at the M for Montreal showcase, and it seemed like the free poutine was just what you needed! On Saturday night, we partied on until 4am at the Travis Porter showcase! Each and every night was so rockin’, and we thank you for your continued patronage and support!


Check out our photo wrap-up below, and follow Sneaky Dee’s on Instagram here to never miss out on the action!

The Archives Play Sneaky Dee’s April 26th!

Toronto Rock n Rollers The Archives will be will be releasing their brand new 7?  Vol. 1 upstairs on April 26th. Yah it’s going to get nuts. They will be joined by, Lions Becomes Lambs, Convoys and Mad Ones!!!  It might get a little nuts and we are so stoked for The Archives.

You can see all the show details here!
Check out this rad video of The Archives Live Off The Floor version of “Mountains” from their upcoming 7-inch Release:

See ya there!

M for Montreal Poutine Party!


Yep, that’s right. M for Montreal is hosting their annual CMW poutine party at Sneaks this Friday night! Come by for tasty eats and then kick around for Grounders, Mac Demarco, and Brews Willis shows later on! See you there!

M for Montreal Presents:

9PM: Peter Peter

10PM: Ponctuation

11PM: We Are Wolves

12AM: Grounders

1AM: Mac Demarco

2AM: Brews Willis