1. The coolest bands from in and out of town eat here. Stick around long enough and you might just run into one! Need proof? Check out these links…

Fucked Up:




Acres of Lions:


Emma Hill:


The Roseville Band:


2. We have the coolest staff on earth. For instance, this strapping young lad is an exemplary specimen…

3. There’s a NIGHTLY SPECIAL for every day of the week available from 4pm to close! No matter what day you decide to swing by, we’ll have a DELICIOUS meal for CHEAP. Check out the extensive selection so you can start planning an exciting night out!

4. Our weekly events are always BUMPIN’ and there’s usually something AWESOME going on upstairs! Check it!


Weekly Events

Legends of Karaoke:
A chance to keep cool with a few beers and sing to your heart’s desire! Three dollar drinks before 11 and no cover!

Watch Out!:
Hardcore, emo, pop punk, metal, and all the tracks you love but thought it wasn’t okay to like now that you can drink legally in bars.

What’s Poppin’:
Hands down the BEST mid-week party in town.

Shake a Tail:
‘60’s pop & soul night presented by Beau’s

ALL our awesome events!

5. Most places will boast their “All-Day Breakfast” Menus. That’s old news at Sneak’s! What other restaurant serves ALL DAY BRUNCH!? #BRUNCHCAT knows what’s up…


It’s patio season y’all!

July is finally here, which means Canada just had another birthday! Come celebrate with us all month long with the completely unofficial dish of Canada: King’s Crown Nachos. We have some fantastic artists preparing to hit the stage this month. Rude Awakening, all the way from Merrimack Valley, NY, headline a sick hardcore show tonight! Toronto pop-rock band The Heights are launching their new album, Drag Race On The Moon, at Sneaky Dee’s on July 12. We’re also stoked to have Carter Hulsey of Joplin, MO, in town on July 25! You can find more information on these events + more here! Speaking of music, we unleashed two new breakfast platters this month dedicated to Toronto band, Fucked Up! So order one up after one of these shows! Bring a friend, you’re gonna need some help! And if you want to stay up-to-date on all Sneaky Dee’s happenings, we now have an iPhone APP! That’s right, a Sneaky Dee’s app. Who knew life could be so great?! We’re all excited to see your faces out this month.

A Photo Story: The Roseville Band

We can’t believe North by North East was over a week ago! We made some great memories, met so many talented artists and partied with some pretty amazing music fans. Speaking of talented artists, we were lucky to have The Roseville Band, all the way from Wrexham, Wales, come in to try our legendary King’s Crown Nachos.

The boys from The Roseville Band are no stranger to Toronto. They have played several times and were even named the 2012 Stand Out international band at NXNE! They love this city and always enjoy coming back. This time they came back to launch their brand new record ‘Temper’, which was written about their last trip to Toronto! The album was released today on Itunes, so make sure you pick up a copy! You can buy it here!

Steve, Andy, Neil and James gearing up for their first King’s Crown!

You can’t have a King’s Crown without a little Beer first

Cheers boys, get ready for the best nachos of your life

Look what they found, pictures of the Fucked Up Breakfast. Neil is a Vegetarian… and clearly excited!

And so it arrives!

Time to dig in. More importantly, what is the best way to eat this!?

I bet they have nothing that compares back in Wales, although we’re sure Mint Lamb is pretty great!

Make sure to dig into some of that guac!

This is business! Serious nacho face!

“Well that defeated me” – Andy

Well done boys, you got ‘er done.

Take some of the Hot Sauce to bring back home!

Thank you to the band for coming in and trying our King’s Crown Nachos. We had a blast with the guys, and got some lessons in Welsh (which we didn’t retain).

Make sure to pick up The Roseville Band’s brand new album ‘Temper’ out today!


Download Our Fucking App

Hey all you head-bobbin’ nacho-lovin’ party people! We’ve just released a NEW APP where you can easily stay up to date with our social media, new DELICIOUS menu additions, and events! Now there’s no reason to miss any of the fun! Wanna jam to some free tunes or check out videos shot at Sneaky Dee’s? Wanna rock some fresh Sneaky Dee’s swag or take home our world-famous hot sauces? You can do all these things and more with the app! With our new app, you can stay informed with the word-on-the-street about Sneaky Dee’s and tweet about it INSTANTLY! Don’t be left in the dark! Download the app! at:

Sneakiest Dee: Matt Herbert

Most of you have learned this by now that we have some pretty wicked staff here at Dee’s! In the past you’ve gotten to know Lindsay, Jay, Chris, and Kim! Now it’s time for you to meet Matt Herbert! Check out his Sneakiest Dee Interview below!

1.    How long have you worked here?

1 year 2 months

 2.    How Did you get here?

Travis Porter and Daniel Bray

 3.    Favourite part of working here?

Being around such a fun and loving staff

 4.    Best show you’ve attended here


 5.    Favourite Dee’s menu item?


 6.    Favourite music to listen to while working?

90’s Rap and Canadian punk rock.

7.    Favourite clothing you own?

Hate what you will, toque.

8.    Favourite method of transportation

Foot or bike.

 9.    Rich or famous?

Rich, I can be under the radar. I don’t wan to be famous, to many people know what you’re doing.

 10. Do you have any pets?

No pets just peeves.

 11. Worst thing that happened while working?

I was burned with a hot oil pan

12. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I don’t know that’s a hard question. Never really thought about it that much.

13. What would your 16-year-old self think of you now?

Damn you’re cool!

14. What’s Popin or Shake-a-tail?

Both are a great way to meet girls.

15. Favourite Beer on Tap?


Fucked UP Presents The Fucked Up Breakfast: Two New Featured Dishes Available Exclusively at Sneaky Dee’s

We’ve done it again! Sneaky Dee’s is proud to announce not one, but two new featured dishes, The Fucked Up Breakfast and The Queen of Heart Attacks inspired by Toronto’s favourite psychedelic hardcore band, Fucked Up.

Given the late night hours that go with being busy musicians, Fucked Up knows the value of a good breakfast, so it was no wonder that the band decided to add its own special item to the menu beginning Wednesday, June 12th. But one breakfast was just not enough, so Sneaky Dee’s is now offering the breakfast in both the classic and tex-mex styles, on a platter and ready for sharing!

Served on a platter, The Queen of Heart Attacks is a mountain of bacon, ham, and sausages, pulled pork eggs Benedict, french toast, poutine home fries, sautéed mushrooms and grilled tomatoes. This is classic, unpretentious, tasty, and definitely hits the spot without breaking the bank.

Looking for more of a kick? We’ve got you covered! The Fucked Up Breakfast, gives food lovers a taste of the extraordinary with enchiladas and eggs, peppers, cheese, and salsa mole. A flour tortilla bowl filled with beans, diced onions, tomatoes, peppers and topped with cheese. Poached eggs swimming in salsa mole on top of corn tortillas, rice and beans. And a side of chili, flour tortilla chips covered with salsa verde and ensalada to complete the meal.

Both breakfasts are now available at Sneaky Dee’s, all-day for $24.95, by request!

Give into this belt-bursting experience today!

Let us know what you think of the Fucked Up Breakfast! Tweet us using #FUBREAKFAST!