Intervals Album Release Show February 27!

What happens when you take an instrumental progressive band, and decide to add a vocalist?  A a brand new INTERVALS record obviously. The band will be playing Dee’s on February 27th, and you won’t want to miss this!

The Toronto rockers are back and better than ever so if you thought In Time was a awesome album, the addition of Mike Semesky’s vocals on their latest release A Voice Within brings it to another level. The guys will be at Dee’s on February 27th for their album release, so come out and see a kick ass show that you don’t want to miss!

Make sure to get tickets here: here

Check out a video of their new single Ephemeral

We Love The Flatliners #FuckDavidHall

Oh, so it’s  awards season, which includes the oh so Canadian show known as the Juno Awards (our attempt at the Canadian Grammy’s).  Boring as it can sometimes be, it’s still exciting to see our buds get recognized for their work. Some Dee’s favourites are even up for awards this year, including Monster Truck who got a nom for rock album of the year, and Protest the Hero are up against Dee’s favourites The Flatliners for metal/hard album of the year! (Their mom’s are probably proud of them… which is probably worth more than a Juno. Kidding.. sorta)

Unfortunately, there’s a ween (David Hall) out there who thinks The Flatliners don’t deserve to be in the metal category. Thankfully, not many people seem to agree with him. Although, in the interest of sticking up for our homies make sure you support and check out The Flatliners (if you have happening to be living under a rock and have yet to) here. Dead Language is an amazing album that should win about 40 JUNOS and a couple Emmy’s (whatever an Emmy is..) along with a PGA Tour and even a gold fucking medal in being METAL. Send your support to the guys on Twitter, Facebook, and when you drunkenly tag your friend’s in permanent marker after a long night – ie. post your #FuckDavidHall hate all over the internet but especially write it right beside that dick you just drew on your friend’s passed out face…. because, well, why fuck that guy.


The Walking Dead Is Back – Come Watch It With Us!

We have been in some serious withdrawal of The Walking Dead, but lucky for us it returns tonight!! Starting again tonight (and from every Sunday hence forth until the season ends) at Sneaky Dee’s we will be playing The Walking Dead starting promptly at 9pm downstairs. Awesome, right?

We will also be bringing back our Walking Dead Special!  SO from 8pm until 10pm on Sunday we have  super special drink aptly named The Governor’s Daughter (Baileys, Peach Schnapps and Grenadine – it’s delicious) for $3.00. Also, if you have a taste for some flesh*, we are dishing out plates of Chili Nachos w/ a pitcher of Buzz or Cool for only $19.35.

See you tonight (and every Sunday until the end…)

*cow flesh, not human. vegan/veg options available.

Missed Connections At Sneaky Dee’s!

It’s 2am. “Dream Weaver” is blasting in the background and you’re mumbling the words. Across the dance floor, is a bona fide babe. You think to yourself  “Holy shit, look at that man bun!” or “Is that a regretted Alkaline Trio tattoo like mine?”

So, you think of your options.

1. Go over and make an awkward conversation about something stupid.
2. Post a missed connection on Craigslist.
3. Just put it into your spank bank and forget it even happened

Scouring through the headlines on Toronto Missed Connections, it’s clear that collectively, we can do a lot better.

Girl, u crossed my mind – m4w

Girl with Star Wars pants at Bathurst Station – m4w

You were the cute blonde in the black dress with tattoos – m4w – 21

Now, wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a wingman on your side? Here’s where we come in.

Moments come and pass in the wink of an eye, maybe you were too chickenshit to muster up the courage to ask out that cute girl at the bar. It could be that you saw some dude who looked a lot like Ryan Gosling. We here at Sneaky Dee’s wanna know all about it. Give us the juicy details. Where, when, what, ya know, all that sort of stuff. Who knows… they just might see it.

Send us a private message on Facebook with the description of your missed connection, we will post anonymously on your behalf and maybe your connection will step forward.  This is the first step in making your own personal version of The Notebook a success.

So let’s band together, go for a pint, embarrass our friends, and laugh. We got your back.


Guest Blog: Dan Ball From Acres of Lions

I’m Dan Ball, the bearded dirt bag bass player from the band Acres of Lions. We’re from Victoria and have seen lots of shit on Highway 1 over the years but the one place that’s been constantly kicking ass is been Sneaky Dee’s.

The first time we ever came out here we drove our 1994 tour van named “Van Halen” across the frozen tundra that is Canada in the winter. It was 2008 and we were young fresh faced boys. (Except for Tyson, our guitar player, he’s always had a face like a used baseball glove)  4,481 kms later we had arrived in Toronto. Not really knowing where to go or what to do, we did what we always do, find the best bar in town. We heard about Sneaky’s through other bands and girls who broke our hearts, but nothing could prepare us for the awesomeness that awaited us.

I was so excited to be in there. I can remember shaking and having a smile come through my matted knotty beard-face. First things first we needed a beer. Just a quick little one we said, then we could check into our one star hotel and sleep. One turned into many, until we heard the bell for last call. Blurry eyed and warm inside we had made a friend that night. A friend with a bar.

It’s more than a bar. It’s one of the best venues in the country. I played The Artist Life’s last show ever there. Anytime anyone is playing up there it’s a sweaty mess. The shows you will remember for a lifetime. Countless legendary bands have loaded up and down those stairs at least once in their career.

It’s one of those bars that’s like a punk rock cheers. Everyone knows your name and you’re bound to find someone you know every time you’re in there.  Every time I’m in Toronto it’s usually the first place I visit and the last place I am before I leave.

Check out the photo-story we did during CMW last year! I love you Sneaky Dee’s!

Lights up North

You thought it was cold here in Toronto? This is normal weather in Inuvuk, in the Northwest Territories! Our girl Lights teamed up with CBC music to perform a very Canadian concert in an igloo last year!

Check out this video playlist of videos documenting Lights adventure up north! After that come keep warm with her signature plate of nachos Cactus in the Valley.


We’re Open On New Years Day!

Happy New Years Everyone! Last night was epic but you need to fuel up with some brunch. We are open all day today and serving your first brunch of 2014!

See below for the full New Years Brunch Menu

Gringo Style Breakfast …$6.25
2 eggs any style served with home fries & toast

Two Eggs Any Style …$8.25
Your choice of bacon, ham or sausage served with toast and home fries

Three Egg Western Omelette...$9.75
served with mixed peppers, onions, ham, servedwth toast& home fries

Three Egg Omelette…$6.75
Served with toast & home fries
**ADD onions, jalapenos, sausages, frijoles, cheese mixed peppers, tomatos, mixed veggies, mushrooms, bacon ham or sausage…$1.25
**ADD guacamoleor feta cheese… $2.25

8.oz N.Y Steak & Two Eggs…$16.25
Served with home fries & toast

60.oz Hamburger Patty & Two Eggs …$10.75
served with toast & home fries

Eggs Benedict … $10.95
Two poached eggs with ham on an english muffin covered with sauce and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, served with home fries.

Homemade Burger …$9.25
Chicken Breast Burger … $10.25
Veggie Burger… $9.25
8oz N.Y Steak Sandwhich...$15.00
Fried Eggs Sandwich…$7.25
Grilled Cheese Sandwhich...$7.25

All above served with fries or chef salad

Wings 15 Pieces (Mild, medium, hot or suicide) … $16.95
Poutine (Gravy & Cheese) … $9.25
Hand Cut Fires… $7.25



Come cure that new years eve hang over!