Bring on the Brunch!


Here at Sneaky Dee’s, we never understood the concept of confining certain types of food to specific times of the day. Nah, the words that make more sense to us are ALL DAY BRUNCH. Why limit that magical time when unborn chickens and breakfast meats roam free? For health fanatics, we’ve got light options like Fresh Fruits & Yogurt with granola and honey that are sure to keep you snacking. We even have a Vegan Tofu Scramble for you people who aren’t into eating once-sentient food.

If you’re still hungry and/or hungover, our Gringo Style Breakfast menu is yours to conquer. Traditionally, going “gringo style” means to not wear underwear. Now, we don’t really care if you ditch your johns, but please, cover yourself with SOMETHING before you stop by. We know summer is on its way, but we don’t need you freaking out everyone east of Little Italy. You can order Two Eggs with your choice of bacon, ham or sausage. Or if you’re a real beast of a person, try our 8oz N.Y. Steak & Two Eggs. Oh, and on the board, we have the Pulled Pork Benny, and the Avocado Benny. Definitely wash it all down with a world-class Ceasar. Now you’re satisfied and lounging just as our bud #Brunchcat does..


We’re open at 11 am on weekdays, 9 am on weekends, and sure as hell serve brunch well past your bedtime. So, it doesn’t really matter if you’re soothing a hangover or greasing up your insides before a long night out. We’ve got you. Scram upstairs for our weekly events and concerts after your meal to work it all off!

Canadian Music Week is Here – Introducing the “CMW Cheap Eats” menu!

Every year, thousands of stuffy music executives intermingle with riled up concertgoers at Canadian Music Week. This year is no different, and of course, we’re proud to be a part of the festivities. It all happens this week, so it looks like you’ll be spending all your time grooving to wicked bands and drowning (not literally, though it would be amazing) in the city’s best nachos.

Of course as CMW hits our fine city, so do thousands of hungry, broke-ass musicians and delegates. This year,  we’re happy to throw all CMW passholders a lifeline. We’re proud to introduce the special CMW Cheap Eats menu. Show your wristbands between 11AM – 7PM each weekday during the festival to stuff your faces with food, in exchange for pocket change. Jalapeño poppers, regular nachos, avocado spring rolls, the mexi-dip platter and poutine will be offered for only $5. Of course, we know you need to quench that beer thirst too, which is why we’re also offering Pistonhead Kustom Lager, Amsterdam Blonde, and Amsterdam 416 for only $3. So even when your wallet is worth more than what you have in it, you won’t leave hungry. The kitchen is open late (4am!), so we expect to see you all for some well-deserved post-show eats.  Check out the full menu below!

 That’s only half of our Canadian Music Week excitement. We’ve got three UNREAL nights of music lined up from Thursday to Saturday that includes something for everyone. So who’s playing? Amnesia Rock Fest and New Damage Records will put on a showcase featuring our boys The Flatliners on Thursday, and  M for Montreal, Bonsound, and Audio Blood are back  is back for their annual showcase on May 9, which kicks off at 7PM with a poutine party. A POUTINE PARTY. Finally, Travis Porter presents a showcase of Sneaky Dee’s and The Hard Luck favourites that promises to be an amazing way to finish off the festival. See the full line-ups below!

Sneaky Dee's Canadian Music Week

What are you waiting for? Get your ass off your couch.

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Flashback: Lights, The Balconies, and Holy Fuck Crash Dee’s

Hosting and blasting kickass music for almost 30 years means our ears our pretty much done for. But hey, we’ve still got a killer taste for food and talent.

Let’s headbang through memory lane shall we?

2013: Lights and us sealed the deal on our bromance by creating a custom nacho platter together, “Cactus In The Valley,” also a solid lighter-in-the-air track from her record Siberia. The missus said it best: “This is the coolest collaboration I’ve ever done. Screw everything else.”

2012: Our Kings Crown rocks. The Balconies rock.  It was only natural their fierce frontwoman Jacquie O stepped up to the plate to demo the sexy making of our signature dish. Drooling yet? Ya should be – we’re now officially blogTO ‘s Best Nachos in Toronto.

2009:  Why are so many TO bands named fuck something? Because they fucking rule. Brian from Holy Fuck stopped by to tell City Sonic TV how he grew his electronic roots through our experimental music night Wavelength. Damn right do something different.

Proudly Serving The Best Nachos in Toronto!

As if any of you needed a list to know we’ve got the hottest nachos in the 416; but in case you haven’t heard, we’re were recently voted #1 on blogTO‘s Best Nachos in Toronto list. Oh, what a feeling!  Of course the Kings Crown (see the drool-inducing video at the bottom) is our most popular platter, but you can’t be named the best without offering flavour combinations for all tastes. Take a look at our nacho menu and prepare yourself for your next visit(s).

KINGS CROWN (pictured above) crisp corn tortilla chips covered with salsa roja, piled high with frijoles, ground beef,
tomatoes, onions, mixed peppers, jalapenos, melted cheese, topped with guacamole & sour cream 17.50

CACTUS IN THE VALLEY crisp corn tortilla chips covered with salsa mole, melted cheese, rice, beans, sauteed peppers & onions (Sneaky Style Sauce), topped with pico degallo, guacamole & sour cream steak 24.00 chicken 22.00 vegetable 18.00

*CACTUS IN THE VALLEY Launched in 2012 to celebrate the release of Canadian recording artist Lights’ new single (of the same name), the Juno award winner herself would describe this dish as “hearty as hell.”

VEGAN NACHOS crisp corn tortilla chips covered with salsa roja, onion, mixed peppers, black beans, guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce & jalapenos 14.25

GREEK NACHOS crisp corn tortilla chips covered with salsa roja, melted cheese, tomatoes, onions,
mixed peppers, jalapenos, feta cheese & black olives 15.75

VEGGIE NACHOS (above photo) crisp corn tortilla chips covered with salsa roja, melted cheese, tomatoes, onions,
mixed peppers, jalapenos, lettuce & sour cream 15.75

HAWAIIAN NACHOS crisp corn tortilla chips covered with salsa roja, melted cheese, ham, bacon & pineapple 15.75

Of course, our selection would not be complete without an option for all picky eaters, and those who prefer to “choose their own adventure”!

NACHOS crisp corn tortilla chips with salsa roja & monterey jack cheese 9.00

*ADD onions, mixed peppers, jalapenos, black beans, frijoles, lettuce, black olives,
tomatoes, ground beef, chili or mixed veggies. Each item 2.00

*ADD guacamole, feta cheese, mushrooms, bacon, cheese, chicken, pulled pork, tofu, or daiya cheese. Each item 4.50

There you have it! Read up and impress our waitress with your vast knowledge of our Nacho platters next time you come in. Thank you for letting us fill you up with the best early-morning / late night eats in Toronto. See y’all soon!

Dee’s Set To Host Another Round Trivia Wednesday Nights – Kicks off on April 2nd, 2014!

We’re excited to announce that we will be hosting Another Round Trivia every Wednesday night from 7:30pm-9:30pm upstairs (doors @ 7pm). We will be kicking things off next Wednesday, April 2nd and you won’t want to miss it.

Another Round Trivia is nach-o regular trivia night, it will test your knowledge on categories including sports, music, and history and pop culture. Not challenging enough you say? Well wise guy, Quiz Master and Shake-a-Tail creator Terrance Balazo is running this thing. His reputation for his challenging Q’s will have you scratching your head throughout the night.

Every Wednesday, trivia enthusiasts can gather a team and work together to come up with the correct answers to Balazo’s ever-so-challenging questions on sports, music, history and pop culture.  There will be three rounds and all scores will be tallied at the end of each round.

So come down for the VERY FIRST Another Round Trivia Night on April 2nd and #EatThinkDrink ! Oh and don’t forget to stick around for What’s Poppin’ afterwords! There’s really no point of leaving anyways.


Sending Good Vibes to our Boys in The Flatliners!

The JUNO Awards are this weekend, and of we’ll be watching closely of course. Why? It’s time for The Flatliners to take their spot on the throne as kings of Canada’s Metal/Hard scene, and we want to b. We’re still feeling a bit sour that Cancer Bats didn’t win last year for “Dead Set On Living”, but we have faith that our boys from TO are going to bring it home this year.
In the meantime, check out their new video for “Birds Of England”.

Join us on Twitter and show your support for The Flatliners on Sunday night!

*Photo Credit to Katie Hovland


It’s time the true ruler of Toronto takes their place on the throne, all hail the mayoral wonder that is Kings Crown.


It’s time for a badass mayor that isn’t afraid to be a little wild, but still has those classic ingredients that we rely on…  Like beef and cheese (mmmm cheese). King’s Crown shows love for all colours of the rainbow and whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or none of the above, there’s always a place for you at the table with King’s Crown.  It’s time for someone to take the reigns that has no dark secrets to hide underneath all that guacamole and sour cream. King’s Crown warms your heart, and your stomach anytime you need it. And seriously if a town can have a cat as mayor since ‘97, we definitely think Kings Crown is up for the job. Vote Kings Crown for Mayor, it’s nacho typical mayor.


Show your support for King’s Crown by taking to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using  #KingsCrownforMayor