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If you haven’t had one of our Fucked Up Breakfasts yet, you should come out from under your rock and try one. The Queen of Heart Attacks is a foolishly large pile of bacon, ham, sausages, pulled pork, eggs benedict, and a whole bunch of greasy delightfulness. The Fucked Up Breakfast (tex-mex style) gives taste buds everything they would want and more; enchiladas, eggs, peppers, cheese, salsa mole, and a flour tortilla bowl filled with beans, cheese, and a whole bunch of tex-mex toppings.

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Quitters Never Wing is here! Fuck yeah Monday wing nights!

Mondays suck. But we are here to make it better. Introducing QUITTERS NEVER WING – a Monday filled with delicious wings and beer. Try not to drown the tables with drool as you gorge  on your choice of five different sauces.

15 Wings w/ a 60 oz Pitcher – $23.90

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What better way to start your week than up to your elbows in wing sauce? Don’t worry, we have Wetnaps. So don’t give up on Mondays, because QUITTERS NEVER WING. Not convinced? Well naysayers, Dee’s is up for Best Chicken Wings in NOW Toronto! See for yourself why we deserve your vote. Bet you can’t make as big a mess as our bud Branko.

Perfect Pussy Eat Out at Dee’s With Blare Magazine

We were stoked to host Perfect Pussy’s interview with Blare Magazine. Since the band was coming in to NXNE from out of town, we decided to give them the royal treatment – Kings Crown style.

Their reaction to our nacho glory was exactly what you’d expect from Kings Crown virgins: “Holy shit!” We paired their plates with some cool cans of Pistonhead Lager to ensure the perfect experience. Learn more about these up-and-coming New Yorkers below, and why not come in an create a photo story of your own? Everyone’s doing it.

Interview courtesy of Blare Magazine. Photos by Julia Marcello.

As far as anyone’s concerned, PERFECT PUSSY’s rise to prominence is a feel good story. We first discovered the Syracuse band via a Twitter user that’s known for her recommendations. We then fell for their EP, watched the hype explode, and saw them transition from releasing a must-own debut in March to making waves in every city across North America. It’s just everything that surrounds Perfect Pussy isn’t picture perfect. Outside of being blacklisted and threatened for “running their mouths”, the fivesome continue to face scrutiny because like any other emerging artist, their live sets can teeter downwards and be easily misinterpreted as a “meltdown” or a “nervous breakdown”.

The group’s headliner at Toronto’s North By Northeast fell victim to both labels and to clear the air, we connected with the band over lunch so they could share their side of the story (see the audio clip below) and shed a bit of light on the criticisms they’ve faced while attempting to bond over a positive project. As vocalist Meredith Graves put it, “Everyone thinks we’re some unhinged group of motherfuckers. Like, no… we’re just having a good time.”

Your music concentrates on learning lessons and catharsis instead of anger or revenge. Has this positive mentality always been a part of your life or did it develop over time? 

MEREDITH GRAVES: With this band particularly I know it started as the sort of situation where I would feel better operating a paradigm of positivity and stuff like that, and then it very, very quickly turned into getting pissed off and talking shit and being a bad person. It took me a few months to sort of move away from that but only in the last two months have I actually made a consorted effort to not be a fucked up mess anymore. So I can honestly say that what I’m doing now is operating in a more positive sense. I was saying that before but I knew I wasn’t telling the truth.

I think we all kind of got to that point too – like where the group of us finally settled into what we think this band is doing and what we’re trying to accomplish. Now, I think it’s a become a good amount of personal catharsis for all of us. It’s not just me, it’s everybody in the band. It makes me happy.

There’s a comment on one of your music videos that says, “The guys in the band are a little too cute and smiley for me. Kind of a joke if you are going to sound this hard”. Does the whole punk and hardcore community need to get over itself? Or is music just having an identity crisis? 

MEREDITH: I don’t think it’s either. I just think being mean about someone’s appearance is the easiest way to be mean to them. It sucks. It really is quite true though as the guys in the band are too cute and I hate them for it. Like I’m going to start punching them all the time just to make them less cute (laughs). But honestly, if somebody wants to say that, then whatever, that’s fine. We get some really violent threats sometimes so hearing someone say “the boys in the band are too cute” is like something I would say. We’re too cute to be punk? Are you serious?

GARRETT KOLOSKI: The hardest thing is to be soft, you know. So that’s uncommon.

MEREDITH: Being vulnerable and actually saying what you feel – most people can’t do that. That’s tough as fuck.

Before the band you were a seamstress at the largest prom dress resource in central New York where it’s noted that you talked to the girls about body image and intersectional feminism. What are the differences in how your message is received between a dress shop and a stage? 

MEREDITH: In my day job, back when I was seamstressing and working at the dress shop full-time, I had the experience of talking directly to teenage girls – most of whom were the types of teenage girls that wanted to go to prom. So I wasn’t really talking to people that would have necessarily cared about what I did outside of that and I had to hone my talks. I was constantly surrounded by women and I would work with women that were 14 and women that were 24 and women that were 74. I would be fitting grandmothers of the bride and girls that were in the eighth grade and going to homecoming, and every women – regardless of age – had the same body image issues.

When I go on stage in this band, I’m kind of talking to everybody and I’ve had to shape things to be more of a direct conversation and to include men in as well. So yeah, it’s different. When I’m hanging out with teenage girls in their underwear, they’re constantly looking at their friends in the next fitting room and there’s this whole comparison thing. While in hardcore, everyone’s concentrating on you – they’re very secure and very different so your message does change. The way people respond to me changes as well because myself and another girl in a fitting room is very different than me and a microphone and 500 people that are just watching. It’s just different… that’s a great question though. That’s really interesting to think about and I’ve never had to think about it that way before.

You have mentioned your dislike for the modern textile industry in the past, saying ”it’s really screwed up”. Is there anything in particular that really bothers you?  

MEREDITH: International labor issues, international issues of ecology, the complete non-sustainability of fast fashion, the way the seasons change so quickly, the amount of clothes that don’t sell that end up getting thrown away. It’s become super problematic. I think everyone should be able to dress however they want. I don’t care if you walk into Forever 21 and buy your entire wardrobe there – just do your thing and call it a fucking day. Especially if you’re a female or a socialized female. Just wear whatever makes you feel best in the body you’ve been given and in a world that’s constantly telling you your body is the pinnacle of desire and totally wrong at the same time.

You should be able to do whatever the fuck you want. For me personally, I’ve always enjoyed wearing secondhand clothes and vintage because it forces you to be a lot more creative. I see a lot of people that are dressed the same way and it only becomes a problem when those people come after people like us. Like people that look different.

We’ve been in situations in different cities and some people will make fun of us. Our drummer and his friends were walking down the street the other day and some construction guys flipped their car around to drive up behind them and yell, “Hey, we just wanted to let you know we thought y’all were girls”. And like people have made fun of the way Shaun dresses as a guy on the Internet said it’s not cool for our keyboardist to wear an ironic Drake t-shirt.

SHAUN SUTKUS: It wasn’t ironic.

MEREDITH: It wasn’t ironic at all. We love Drake.

GARRETT: That was like the best find we ever got at a thrift store.

MEREDITH: Yeah, and we all go shopping together on tour all the time because we all like to go to thrift stores.

What does the t-shirt look like? 

MEREDITH: It’s just a Drake shirt!

SHAUN: It says Drake Take Care.

GARRETT: But it was a tall tee so they thought it was ironic but tall tees are cool.

I’m not sure if you read the article CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry wrote about online misogyny but she noted how objectification isn’t something anyone should “just deal with”. Are you glad more female artists are speaking out now that people are starting to see objectification as a reality? 

MEREDITH: We should’ve never had to fight for objectification to become a reality. Of course, no shit it’s a reality. There’s no benefit for dudes having some random a-ha moment. Oh, congratulations – you finally realized it’s real? You don’t get a parade and you don’t get a fucking cookie. This is my actual life. If you’re such a crusader for good now then do something. I used to get really scared when talking to people at shows but I also used to drink a lot before shows because I used to get so nervous., and now I make a point to be sober and be in control.

A couple weeks ago in Dallas, we showed up to our show and there was a violent pornographic flyer, and I lost my shit because I was super mad. I tried to figure out who did it and I couldn’t get an answer out of anyone because everyone had the back of the fucking dude that drew it. Like a dude from the Dallas Observer went as far as to write an article saying that my credibility and authenticity as a hardcore singer is lessened because I wear dresses and little shorts, and I don’t look very “punk”. At the same time, I don’t have time for this and I don’t have enough fingers to deal with you and all your little buddies. It’s a grim reality. If I still read the press about this band, I’d continue to see comments that say, “I want the singer of Perfect Pussy to be raped and killed”. It’s become a bracketed joke.

There’s going to be one time where I leave a venue carrying something that requires both hands and I’m going to load something into the van by myself and I’m going to get pepper sprayed and dragged into an alley, and my throat’s going to get cut. I know it. I can see it happening. Some guy is going to come to one of our shows with a fucking gun because that’s the end of rape culture. The end of rape culture isn’t rape, it’s death. But good for her for saying that shit and good for all of us for participating in this moment that’s been going on for the last little while where women in music feel okay about speaking up. That’s why I hate these boring ass bands that want to sing about the beach, drugs, and boobs. If you have 15 minutes and they hand you a mic, you better fucking use it.

Having played festivals in North America and been no stranger to the backlash that sometimes follows, have these experiences affected you creatively at all? 

MEREDITH: I’m having more fun now than I was at the beginning of the band.

SHAUN: Well, we haven’t wrote any music or played any new music together since we started this whole thing and released our record so I’m not sure how it’s affected that creative side of this band. But maybe individually. Like I’m pretty sure we all have different feelings about that. I just haven’t even been able to work on anything else aside from playing these shows and doing all the work behind them.

MEREDITH: This band has taken up a ton of our time and it’s definitely changed us creatively in terms of our trajectory in this band. It’s also made us all more creative and I think when we finally do catch a break, we’re all just going to blow up with all of these insane ideas. Plus, we all have other projects in the works and that’s another thing that’s cool about this band because it’s not all we do. It has affected me creatively because when you’re surrounded by people that are better than you, it brings you up, and because I’m in a band with these guys who are all fucking amazing, it’s made me want to step my game up and be a better musician. So hopefully all the stuff we do next will be even better. That’s how I see it anyway. You can’t get worse. You don’t get worse barring tragedy.

North by North Dee’s


NXNE extravaganza is back, and once again, Sneaky Dee’s will be your hub for late-night grub and wicked bands. But you already knew that, didn’t you? When you’re sore and stiff from hopping venues and schmoozing speakers, we’ve got your late-night nacho prayers answered. Maybe it’s an early breakfast you’re after? Not a problem our full menu and bar is open all night until way past your non-NXNE bedtime. Gotta love those extended licenses right?

Have a peek at our NXNE showcases on June 20 and 21! – Doors at 8:30PM for both nights. And for you Tigers Jaw fans, they’re here on June 19. Whachu waiting for? Tickets right here!

There’s a little special something on the pipes for devoted Dee’s fanatics. You may have noticed #NachoBill floating around… and if you’re smart enough to put it together, you already know that each night, one lucky table will have their entire bill taken care of.  Keep your shit together and stay on top of our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see what it’s all about. Better yet, come hang with Dee’s during the festival and you might just find out first hand.

Gob Hears You Calling!



Few things are more Canadian than pairing pop-punk legends Gob with a live album preview at  Sneaky Dee’s. If the summer sun ain’t hot enough for ya, come get sweaty in a crazy tight crowd on June 26 at 8 PM. Note that there are LIMITED TICKETS available – if you miss out, sorry not sorry. We have a building cap, y’know. Tickets will be on sale starting June 12 at 10 AM right here on Ticketfly. The boys will be playing new tunes from Apt. 13, due for release through New Damage Records on Aug 26.



A couple of years back, we asked Gob to play our 25th Anniversary Concert Series. Get down on your knees Wayne’s World-style cause you’re sure as hell not worthy.

Local hard-hitters Seaway and Like Pacific will be sharing the stage with Gob. They’re no stranger to Dee’s either, having last played here during Canadian Music Week. For those on the fence, you can preview their current single on Take our advice: put down $20, bring some friends, and share a Hawaiian nachos & 60 oz. pitcher special before the show. You’re in for a damn great night.


Event page:


Bring on the Brunch!


Here at Sneaky Dee’s, we never understood the concept of confining certain types of food to specific times of the day. Nah, the words that make more sense to us are ALL DAY BRUNCH. Why limit that magical time when unborn chickens and breakfast meats roam free? For health fanatics, we’ve got light options like Fresh Fruits & Yogurt with granola and honey that are sure to keep you snacking. We even have a Vegan Tofu Scramble for you people who aren’t into eating once-sentient food.

If you’re still hungry and/or hungover, our Gringo Style Breakfast menu is yours to conquer. Traditionally, going “gringo style” means to not wear underwear. Now, we don’t really care if you ditch your johns, but please, cover yourself with SOMETHING before you stop by. We know summer is on its way, but we don’t need you freaking out everyone east of Little Italy. You can order Two Eggs with your choice of bacon, ham or sausage. Or if you’re a real beast of a person, try our 8oz N.Y. Steak & Two Eggs. Oh, and on the board, we have the Pulled Pork Benny, and the Avocado Benny. Definitely wash it all down with a world-class Ceasar. Now you’re satisfied and lounging just as our bud #Brunchcat does..


We’re open at 11 am on weekdays, 9 am on weekends, and sure as hell serve brunch well past your bedtime. So, it doesn’t really matter if you’re soothing a hangover or greasing up your insides before a long night out. We’ve got you. Scram upstairs for our weekly events and concerts after your meal to work it all off!

Don’t Miss Fat Girl Food Squad’s Plus Size Pop Up Shop This Sunday!


Founded in the spring of 2013, Fat Girl Food Squad has developed into more than just a blog – it has developed into a community, focused on the intersection between food, fat, and feminism. Fat Girl Food Squad is about people of all shapes and sizes eating good food and feeling good in their bodies, in every way possible. This Sunday, FGFS are hosting a plus size pop up shop upstairs at Dee’s, and we’re super happy to be involved. We spoke with founders Yuli and Ama about their beginnings, event details and of course their thoughts on some Dee’s staples.

Tell us – what is Fat Girl Food Squad? Give us a brief background and history.

Ama: Founded in the spring of 2013, Fat Girl Food Squad started with Yuli & myself having a desire to speak frankly and openly about what mattered to us. In the one year that we have been around, Fat Girl Food Squad has developed into more than just a blog – it has developed into a community, focused on the intersection between food, fat, and feminism. We are fundamentally about people of all shapes and sizes eating good food and feeling good in their bodies, in every way possible.

What (or who) was your inspiration in starting FGFS up?

Ama: One day, we sat down and decided to register a domain and commit ourselves to posting five times a week. Both of us were “seasoned” bloggers, but we decided it was time to step up and speak openly and candidly about issues surrounding people each day and the stigma surrounding food and the body. We wanted to do more with the voice we had been provided and Fat Girl Food Squad gave us that opportunity.

What are your thoughts on the feedback and support you’ve received since your launch, and why FGFS has been so successful?

Yuli: Fundamentally, the feedback we get is on the community FGFS has created. Every Squad outside of Toronto, like Denver or Winnipeg, has come about because those individuals came to us. They felt the need like Ama and I did. Also, it’s just fun. We have fun with our writing; we’re real, honest, and fresh. We also make everything look darn good in photos.

What do you have planned for Dee’s on June 1, and what kind of treasures can we expect to find at this weekend’s pop-up?

Yuli: The pop-up is going to be a great way for people to get their hands on those hard-to-find plus size vintage clothing items. But we can also officially announce we now have Jessica Biffi (of Project Runway Canada fame) on board. Plus, Erin from US vintage and modern retailer Re/Dress is sending us pieces from her personal collection. And of course, FGFS Fashion Team member and local designer Amarina Norris will have pieces from her line Ursa Major+ available. Oh, and there will be food.

Ama: All too often as plus-size individuals, it is harder to find really rad clothing. We wanted to have this pop-up so that we could bring sizes 14 and up, altogether in one room and give them choice. Beyond the amazing ‘friends’ we will have showing (whom Yuli mentioned), attendees will be able to shop the closets of most of our GTA Squad members including everything from accessories to clothing. Plus, we will be donating some of the plus-size clothes (not sold at the event) back to the women’s shelter Sistering.

What makes Dee’s a good fit to host the event?

Yuli: I can’t think of another place in town with a more relaxed environment. It’s not going to be some church basement sale, that’s for sure.

Your first thoughts, go!


Ama: Get in mah belly.

Fresh jams come with the arrival of summer. What do you have spinning on repeat?

Yuli: I lean heavy on local and electronic everyday but Trust’s new album is getting me pumped right now.

Ama: I can’t stop spinning Iggy Azalea’s new album, The New Classic with the new BadBadNotGood album (III) coming in a close second. I am all about hip-hop and electronic music and these two albums are serving up some fierce summer realness.

Your first ever concert attended! Give me those details.

Yuli: At the Multicultural Center in Calgary. I was 13 or 14 and went to my first punk show to see the Corta Vita. Life changing.

Ama: Growing up in Mississauga, I use to always go see a band named Pezz at the Masonic Lodge. I was probably 13 or 14 at this time and just really discovering music and myself. Pezz ended up becoming Billy Talent. I still have one of their tapes I bought at my parents house.

Kings Crown, or Cactus in the Valley?

Yuli: Cactus in the Valley. I’m a sucker for pico degallo.

Ama: King’s Crown. I am a sucker for the original.

Share your most memorable/inaugural moment at Sneaky Dee’s.

Yuli: NXNE last year upstairs at Dee’s, I photographed a showcase that included Mac Demarco. It got weird and I loved every second of it. That’s all I will say.

Ama: JD Sampson of MEN played at the upstairs of Dee’s for Canadian Music Week and the show was everything I wanted it to be and more. Hot, sweaty, loud and everything. I remember I had been looking forward to that show all week and their performance was nothing short of great.

Make sure to head upstairs on Sunday pre/post-brunch to check out Fat Girl Food Squad’s Pop-Up Shop! Second-hand and vintage clothing will be for sale, sizes 14 and up, along with shoes & accessories of all sizes. Amarina of Ursa Major+ will also be showcasing a selection of vintage plus size items from her shop, as well as hand-made jewellery. Of course, snacks will be provided by yours truly and the bar will be open upstairs. A suggested donation of $5 to support Fat Girl Food Squad’s endeavors is greatly appreciated! We look forward to seeing you there!