Damn Right Dee’s Delivers!

Alright, Toronto. You want it, you got it! We teamed up with Just Eat so you can get our drool-worthy eats to go. Hungover in bed? There’s delivery! In the area but gotta bolt? There’s pick up! Something strange in your neighbourhood? Uh wait, those are the other guys. ANYWAYS, head to just-eat.ca/restaurants-sneaky-dees to get ordering!

What’s Poppin’ Fuelled By Pistonhead!

sneaky dee's what's poppin' toronto hip hop party

Summer is ending but Toronto’s best weekly party is still kickin’ in full swing! In fact, we’re just getting warmed up, and have just joined forces with some cool friends! Your favourite hump day party is getting a bit of a face lift and relaunching this September JUST in time to cure all your back to school blues!

Yessir, Pistonhead Kustom Lager proudly presents the brand spankin’ new What’s Poppin’! All the old school hip-hop you can handle to get you grindin’ on the dance floor paired up with cheap beer makes one memorable Wednesday night that’ll have you saying “What mid-terms?” by October!

It all kicks off upstairs on September 3 at 10 PM with music by resident DJ Mensa on the one’s and two’s plus guest DJs every week!

Oh what’s that? “What about my assignments and readings?” you say? Don’t worry, we’ll do all your homework for you*. Dee’s has always got you covered.

*No we won’t.

Thanks for being the best damn fans ever

Many times a month, bands have the pleasure of playing on our stage and in front of some of the craziest crowds this city has to offer. While Dee’s concert goers consistently rock out with mosh pits, outrageous dance moves, and a few too many soda pops, goers always seem to look out for one another.

Whether it’s respecting one another’s space on the d-floor, picking up a fallen comrade in the middle of the pit, or keeping your compadres hydrated with a nice glass of Dee’s finest H2O, you always have the backs of those around you. You may think these acts go unnoticed, but we notice here at Dee’s and thank you. We have the best people on the face of the earth walk in and out of our doors every day and we encourage you all to keep being awesome.

With that being said, we have some stellar shows coming up and we hope to see all of your asses there. This month we’ll have our minds blown by bands like The Outerspacerz, Nekrogoblikon, Philly Moves, Bootleg Glory, and more! Check out our event page for all show listings!

Load Up On Our Riot Fries & Riot Fest Ticket Giveaway!

Here at Sneaky Dee’s, we have a reputation for mouth-watering nachos and delicious wings. We gotta say though our top french fry dish can’t be beat: RIOT FRIES. Topped with guacamole, sour cream, veggie chili and melted cheese for the unbeatable price of $9.95, this might be one of the best deals in this city.

They taste great all year around (obviously), but with Riot Fest right around the corner, we figured we’d remind you with a sweet giveaway. We’re nice or something? ANYWAYS, if you want a pair of Riot Fest tickets from us, share this tweet or this Facebook post to enter!

Whether you’re looking for afternoon or late night munchies, or heading home from seeing a sweet band, swing by Dee’s and fill your stomach with the best damn plate of fries you’ll ever eat.

Behind The Wing: Quitters Never Wing Outtakes

In the not-so-distant past, Branko Scekic of Dinosaur Bones graciously donated his body to the art of chicken wing consumption. His antics were captured on still frame glory, all in the name of our marketing antics. When he’s not swallowing wings whole, you can sometimes find Branko upstairs at What’s Poppin’ under the moniker Serb Superb.


Branko was definitely not shy about getting down and dirty with his mountainous plate of meat the only way he knows how – with a fuck you to table manners.


Love makers, take note. You can’t go wrong with a gentle caress from the tip of your tongue. Although, it’s probably not the most time-efficient way to down a wing.




Suddenly, Branko’s mood took a turn for the ugly. As the wings threatened to take his manhood (he was getting full), Serb Superb went into full battle mode. Saucy war paint, wing knuckles, and all. Needless to say, he never quit – because Quitters Never Wing.


Somewhere in that glutinous mess of sauce and saliva is a man who loves his chicken wings. And you can get some too! Every Monday after 4 PM. All wing specials come with a 60 oz pitcher of Buzz or Cool Lager. How’s that for a deal? Have a look for yourself, champ.



Stay up-to-date on all of our events!




Show Your App Mondays Means Half-Off Fucked Up Breakfasts

Do you have the Sneaky Dee’s app yet? Well why the hell not!? You’re missing out on Show Your App Mondays!

Come in on any Monday and show your server your Dee’s app to enjoy one of the best damn deals you’ll get on a Monday…or any given day for that matter. Just one flash and you can enjoy the Queen of Heart Attacks or Fucked Up Breakfast for half-off. Even if you suck at math, you know that’s a deal. Grab the app at https://volu.me/sneakydees.

If you haven’t had one of our Fucked Up Breakfasts yet, you should come out from under your rock and try one. The Queen of Heart Attacks is a foolishly large pile of bacon, ham, sausages, pulled pork, eggs benedict, and a whole bunch of greasy delightfulness. The Fucked Up Breakfast (tex-mex style) gives taste buds everything they would want and more; enchiladas, eggs, peppers, cheese, salsa mole, and a flour tortilla bowl filled with beans, cheese, and a whole bunch of tex-mex toppings.

What are you waiting for? It’s almost Tuesday, get your apps in here!

Quitters Never Wing is here! Fuck yeah Monday wing nights!

Mondays suck. But we are here to make it better. Introducing QUITTERS NEVER WING – a Monday filled with delicious wings and beer. Try not to drown the tables with drool as you gorge  on your choice of five different sauces.

15 Wings w/ a 60 oz Pitcher – $23.90

30 Wings w/ a 60 oz Pitcher – $31.15

What better way to start your week than up to your elbows in wing sauce? Don’t worry, we have Wetnaps. So don’t give up on Mondays, because QUITTERS NEVER WING. Not convinced? Well naysayers, Dee’s is up for Best Chicken Wings in NOW Toronto! See for yourself why we deserve your vote. Bet you can’t make as big a mess as our bud Branko.