Giuda w/ Career Suicide, Chosen Ones & Matt Delong And His Electric Teeth

Presented by: Sneaky Dee’s

Giuda is a five-piece band from Rome, Italy. Their mix of anthemic ‘70s glam hooks and the punchy delivery of early UK punk, has stunned listeners all across the globe.

Their debut album “Racey Roller”, famously describedv by Robin Wills (The Barracudas) as “Cock Sparrer twinned with the Equals”, has quickly become an underground sensation, highly praised by publications as diverse as Mojo, Rolling Stone and Maximum Rock’n’Roll.

“Racey Roller”, recorded with vintage all-analog studio equipment by studio sorcerers Ufo Hi-Fi and graced with an iconic cover art courtesy of French designer and glam fanatic Tony CrazeeKid, was issued by US indie Dead Beat Records, and its first pressing sold out in mere weeks.

Working from the same glammy three-chord blueprint as groups like Slade, T. Rex, Faces, Mud, Status Quo, and the Sweet, Giuda take you back to a monumental bygone era of rock’n’roll.

Sneaky Dees Sun Aug 25 8PM 19+/Licensed tickets at, rotate this and soundscapes