Dee-sign A Dish!


Dee-sign A Dish!

So you think you can top the Kings Crown? Prove it.

Sneaky Dee’s is proud to announce our Dee-sign A Dish contest! Come on in and show off your nacho wizardry for a chance to have your creation shared on our social pages (bragging rights included) AND more importantly, to win free nachos!

With over 20 different items to choose from, the combinations are endless. A cheesy mess, a meaty monstrosity, a veggie explosion? You think it up and we’ll make it!

We know your creation is bound to look irresistible but be sure to snap a picture before you devour it. Once you wipe the salsa off your hands, share your photo using the hashtag #DEESigned for your chance to win…because let’s be honest, the only thing better than your nachos, are free nachos!

Keep your eyes on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more details!