Sneaky Dee’s Does #CMW2016

The 2016 edition of Canadian Music Week will soon be taking over Toronto and we’re once again stoked to host some of their grittier showcases.
Planning some late night outings? Last call will be at 4AM from May 4th-8th!!! Just make sure you’ll be able to survive till the end of the week.
We’ll see you soon for some late night tunes, drinks and nachos.
May 2
Breaching Vista – 7:30pm
Stockholm Siesta – 8:30pm
The Alpacas – 9:30pm
July – 10:30pm
May 3
Beach Creep – 8pm
A Gentleman’s Pact – 9pm
New Design – 10pm
Starstruck Avenue – 11pm
No King For Countrymen – 12am
May 5
The Deadset – 8pm
Sweet and Lowdown – 9pm
Sparrows – 10pm
This Drama – 11pm
Punchline 13 – 12pm
The Maysides – 1am
Broken Hands – 2am
May 7
The Plugs – 8pm
The Spook School – 9pm
Splitfist – 10pm
SWMRS – 11pm
Acid Dad – 12 am
By The Glory – 1am
New Swears – 2am