The Fucked Up Breakfast

Do you ever wish your breakfast matched your personality? Well now it can! The Sneaky Dee’s Fucked Up breakfast, inspired by Toronto’s own Polaris winning punk band Fucked Up!

What makes this breakfast so Fucked Up you might ask? Well could be the size, could be the level of deliciousness, or it could be the variety of foods, we assure you its a bit of all 3!

Read it and weep, the Fucked Up Breakfast includes:

– 2 Enchilldas with  eggs, peppers, cheese and salsa mole
– 1 Flour tortilla bowl filled with beans, diced onions, tomatoes, peppers and topped with cheese
– 2 Poached eggs swimming in salso mole on top  of corn tortillas

With Rice and beans, chilli, tortilla chips, salsa verde and ensalada!

So come and give it a try, if you dare, breakfast served after 11am daily!