Shake a Tail is BACK – and this time its a triple threat!

You know we make you want to shout!

Shake a Tail is back every Saturday night at Dee’s, and this time we’re bringing a TRIPLE THREAT playlist of 50s, 60s, and now spinning 70s classics to get your hustle on!

If you’ve never been to Shake a Tail, you can expect everything from go-go dancing to conga lines set to a nostalgic soundtrack of classic rock, pop and soul, spanning the three decades.

For 10 years Shake a Tail has been a Saturday night Toronto tradition around the city before finding a home here at Dee’s and we couldn’t be more proud. Co-Founders Aaron and Terrance sum up the best part about hosting this legendary event:

“Putting on a song and having the crowd lose their minds is the best thing to see, it’s a great fucking time, no b.s., no attitude, just a damn good time and the best dance party.”

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