The best all-day breakfast in town – but you already knew that, didn’t you?

It’s Sunday morning. You went way too hard last night and now you’re dealing with the consequences. The only thing that’s gonna help that hangover is a litre of Gatorade and one epic f@#king breakfast.

Well you’re in luck. Dee’s serves one of the best breakfasts in town – all day, err’ day.

Our brunch is so good, in fact, that mentioned us as one of the best all-day breakfasts in Toronto! Aww shucks! It was an honour for sure but, come on, are you surprised? Nah, us neither. featured our Queen of Heart Attacks dish which includes one artery-clogging plate of bacon, ham, and sausage, two pulled pork eggs benny, two slices of french toast, poutine, buttery sautéed mushrooms, and even some grilled tomatoes. Don’t forget – the vegetables cancel out the carbs! This one’s probably gonna take a few people to finish, but we dare you to prove us wrong.

But Dee’s doesn’t just serve a killer breakfast. As you know, we also make some mean, mouthwatering TexMex dishes. If you haven’t already, you need to try the fajitas and of course, our fully loaded, famous nachos. And hey, if you’re not feeling the southern vibes, we’ve got wings, poutine, and an array of burgers and sandwiches.

Check out our menu and stop by to see why we were named one of Toronto’s best all-day breakfast joints!