Thanks for Supporting Brother!

We don’t often get mushy at Dee’s, so give us this one, ok?

We want to thank everyone who came out and supported Brother! on December 2. Whether you shows up, played, donated, volunteered – you helped our dear door man Big John during a real time of need. Cancer sucks.

You can still donate to help John battle cancer via PayPal: donate (at) sneaky-dees (dot) com.

If you weren’t here, you really missed out on a night packed with the best music and people Toronto has to offer. Check out the photos by Josh Moody here! Huge thanks to The Little Black Dress, Like Pacific, Partycat and Teenage Kicks for tearing it up on stage. Branko even auctioned his clothing (read: dignity) to raise extra… never change, bud.

Special guest DJs Mensa, Branko + Tyler and Rob Dyer came out afterwards to keep the energy going right past last call. Every single damn one of you there generously donated your time and energy to make Brother! a huge success.

We’re a community. If you’ve spent night after night on stage, in the crowd, working or eating here, you’re part of it. THANK YOU.