Students! Hit Up Our Broke-Ass Student Menu & Sneaky Dee’s Honour Roll!

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Since school’s back in session, we decided to do something special for all of you bright and dedicated scholars. You’re not slacking off in class to read this, right? Well now, if you’re a Toronto post-secondary school student, you could just nab a Sneaky Dee’s Scholarship!

All you gotta do to enter to win is join the Sneaky Dee’s Honour Roll by signing up for our mailing list here. We’ll pull the winner at random! Winning the scholarship means you and a pal will get to eat here FREE once a week for the whole damn school year! What do you have to lose?

If you don’t happen to be our lucky winner, you can still treat your withering wallet to our Broke-Ass Student Menu. We’re bringing it back, baby! Come drown your stone-broke sorrows and fall semester tears in a plate of one of our favourites for only $5!

Take your broke-ass pick from any of the following dishes:

Our spicy & juicy jalapeno poppers
A steep plate of classic Dee’s nachos
Our fresh-to-death avocado spring rolls
The majestic Mexican-dip platter
Some mouth-watering poutine

Scrounge up those nickels and dimes for a cheap meal every weekday between 11 AM and 7 PM!

Join the Sneaky Dee’s Honour Roll at!