Thanks for being the best damn fans ever

Many times a month, bands have the pleasure of playing on our stage and in front of some of the craziest crowds this city has to offer. While Dee’s concert goers consistently rock out with mosh pits, outrageous dance moves, and a few too many soda pops, goers always seem to look out for one another.

Whether it’s respecting one another’s space on the d-floor, picking up a fallen comrade in the middle of the pit, or keeping your compadres hydrated with a nice glass of Dee’s finest H2O, you always have the backs of those around you. You may think these acts go unnoticed, but we notice here at Dee’s and thank you. We have the best people on the face of the earth walk in and out of our doors every day and we encourage you all to keep being awesome.

With that being said, we have some stellar shows coming up and we hope to see all of your asses there. This month we’ll have our minds blown by bands like The Outerspacerz, Nekrogoblikon, Philly Moves, Bootleg Glory, and more! Check out our event page for all show listings!