Load Up On Our Riot Fries & Riot Fest Ticket Giveaway!

Here at Sneaky Dee’s, we have a reputation for mouth-watering nachos and delicious wings. We gotta say though our top french fry dish can’t be beat: RIOT FRIES. Topped with guacamole, sour cream, veggie chili and melted cheese for the unbeatable price of $9.95, this might be one of the best deals in this city.

They taste great all year around (obviously), but with Riot Fest right around the corner, we figured we’d remind you with a sweet giveaway. We’re nice or something? ANYWAYS, if you want a pair of Riot Fest tickets from us, share this tweet or this Facebook post to enter!

Whether you’re looking for afternoon or late night munchies, or heading home from seeing a sweet band, swing by Dee’s and fill your stomach with the best damn plate of fries you’ll ever eat.