Show Your App Mondays Means Half-Off Fucked Up Breakfasts

Do you have the Sneaky Dee’s app yet? Well why the hell not!? You’re missing out on Show Your App Mondays!

Come in on any Monday and show your server your Dee’s app to enjoy one of the best damn deals you’ll get on a Monday…or any given day for that matter. Just one flash and you can enjoy the Queen of Heart Attacks or Fucked Up Breakfast for half-off. Even if you suck at math, you know that’s a deal. Grab the app at

If you haven’t had one of our Fucked Up Breakfasts yet, you should come out from under your rock and try one. The Queen of Heart Attacks is a foolishly large pile of bacon, ham, sausages, pulled pork, eggs benedict, and a whole bunch of greasy delightfulness. The Fucked Up Breakfast (tex-mex style) gives taste buds everything they would want and more; enchiladas, eggs, peppers, cheese, salsa mole, and a flour tortilla bowl filled with beans, cheese, and a whole bunch of tex-mex toppings.

What are you waiting for? It’s almost Tuesday, get your apps in here!