Behind The Wing: Quitters Never Wing Outtakes

In the not-so-distant past, Branko Scekic of Dinosaur Bones graciously donated his body to the art of chicken wing consumption. His antics were captured on still frame glory, all in the name of our marketing antics. When he’s not swallowing wings whole, you can sometimes find Branko upstairs at What’s Poppin’ under the moniker Serb Superb.


Branko was definitely not shy about getting down and dirty with his mountainous plate of meat the only way he knows how – with a fuck you to table manners.


Love makers, take note. You can’t go wrong with a gentle caress from the tip of your tongue. Although, it’s probably not the most time-efficient way to down a wing.




Suddenly, Branko’s mood took a turn for the ugly. As the wings threatened to take his manhood (he was getting full), Serb Superb went into full battle mode. Saucy war paint, wing knuckles, and all. Needless to say, he never quit – because Quitters Never Wing.


Somewhere in that glutinous mess of sauce and saliva is a man who loves his chicken wings. And you can get some too! Every Monday after 4 PM. All wing specials come with a 60 oz pitcher of Buzz or Cool Lager. How’s that for a deal? Have a look for yourself, champ.



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