Bring on the Brunch!


Here at Sneaky Dee’s, we never understood the concept of confining certain types of food to specific times of the day. Nah, the words that make more sense to us are ALL DAY BRUNCH. Why limit that magical time when unborn chickens and breakfast meats roam free? For health fanatics, we’ve got light options like Fresh Fruits & Yogurt with granola and honey that are sure to keep you snacking. We even have a Vegan Tofu Scramble for you people who aren’t into eating once-sentient food.

If you’re still hungry and/or hungover, our Gringo Style Breakfast menu is yours to conquer. Traditionally, going “gringo style” means to not wear underwear. Now, we don’t really care if you ditch your johns, but please, cover yourself with SOMETHING before you stop by. We know summer is on its way, but we don’t need you freaking out everyone east of Little Italy. You can order Two Eggs with your choice of bacon, ham or sausage. Or if you’re a real beast of a person, try our 8oz N.Y. Steak & Two Eggs. Oh, and on the board, we have the Pulled Pork Benny, and the Avocado Benny. Definitely wash it all down with a world-class Ceasar. Now you’re satisfied and lounging just as our bud #Brunchcat does..


We’re open at 11 am on weekdays, 9 am on weekends, and sure as hell serve brunch well past your bedtime. So, it doesn’t really matter if you’re soothing a hangover or greasing up your insides before a long night out. We’ve got you. Scram upstairs for our weekly events and concerts after your meal to work it all off!