We Love The Flatliners #FuckDavidHall

Oh, so it’s  awards season, which includes the oh so Canadian show known as the Juno Awards (our attempt at the Canadian Grammy’s).  Boring as it can sometimes be, it’s still exciting to see our buds get recognized for their work. Some Dee’s favourites are even up for awards this year, including Monster Truck who got a nom for rock album of the year, and Protest the Hero are up against Dee’s favourites The Flatliners for metal/hard album of the year! (Their mom’s are probably proud of them… which is probably worth more than a Juno. Kidding.. sorta)

Unfortunately, there’s a ween (David Hall) out there who thinks The Flatliners don’t deserve to be in the metal category. Thankfully, not many people seem to agree with him. Although, in the interest of sticking up for our homies make sure you support and check out The Flatliners (if you have happening to be living under a rock and have yet to) here. Dead Language is an amazing album that should win about 40 JUNOS and a couple Emmy’s (whatever an Emmy is..) along with a PGA Tour and even a gold fucking medal in being METAL. Send your support to the guys on Twitter, Facebook, and when you drunkenly tag your friend’s in permanent marker after a long night – ie. post your #FuckDavidHall hate all over the internet but especially write it right beside that dick you just drew on your friend’s passed out face…. because, well, why fuck that guy.