The Walking Dead Is Back – Come Watch It With Us!

We have been in some serious withdrawal of The Walking Dead, but lucky for us it returns tonight!! Starting again tonight (and from every Sunday hence forth until the season ends) at Sneaky Dee’s we will be playing The Walking Dead starting promptly at 9pm downstairs. Awesome, right?

We will also be bringing back our Walking Dead Special!  SO from 8pm until 10pm on Sunday we have  super special drink aptly named The Governor’s Daughter (Baileys, Peach Schnapps and Grenadine – it’s delicious) for $3.00. Also, if you have a taste for some flesh*, we are dishing out plates of Chili Nachos w/ a pitcher of Buzz or Cool for only $19.35.

See you tonight (and every Sunday until the end…)

*cow flesh, not human. vegan/veg options available.