Missed Connections At Sneaky Dee’s!

It’s 2am. “Dream Weaver” is blasting in the background and you’re mumbling the words. Across the dance floor, is a bona fide babe. You think to yourself  “Holy shit, look at that man bun!” or “Is that a regretted Alkaline Trio tattoo like mine?”

So, you think of your options.

1. Go over and make an awkward conversation about something stupid.
2. Post a missed connection on Craigslist.
3. Just put it into your spank bank and forget it even happened

Scouring through the headlines on Toronto Missed Connections, it’s clear that collectively, we can do a lot better.

Girl, u crossed my mind – m4w

Girl with Star Wars pants at Bathurst Station – m4w

You were the cute blonde in the black dress with tattoos – m4w – 21

Now, wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a wingman on your side? Here’s where we come in.

Moments come and pass in the wink of an eye, maybe you were too chickenshit to muster up the courage to ask out that cute girl at the bar. It could be that you saw some dude who looked a lot like Ryan Gosling. We here at Sneaky Dee’s wanna know all about it. Give us the juicy details. Where, when, what, ya know, all that sort of stuff. Who knows… they just might see it.

Send us a private message on Facebook with the description of your missed connection, we will post anonymously on your behalf and maybe your connection will step forward.  This is the first step in making your own personal version of The Notebook a success.

So let’s band together, go for a pint, embarrass our friends, and laugh. We got your back.