So, as you know – “The Walking Dead” has become more than just how you look/feel after a night at Shake A Tail… it has become that weekly flesh eating AMC spectacular that we all pine over. The biggest ball ache about loving this show so much is the hours spent on Surf The Channel or Project Free TV looking for a working link or having to “befriend” that one bougie-ass acquaintance in the Front Street condo that actually has cable. Well, fear not flesh eating fiends – we have what you need (minus the ball ache). Starting this Sunday (and from every Sunday hence forth until Rick finally turns/the season ends) at Sneaky Dee’s we will be playing The Walking Dead starting promptly at 9pm downstairs. Awesome, right?

But wait, it’s not done yet Governor – we need to take care of your drink needs, because we know you have developed a taste for the ol’ liquor after many weeks of fighting through Surf The Channel pop-ups and condo pal jokes. SO from 8pm until 10pm on Sunday we have developed a super special drink aptly named The Governor’s Daughter (Baileys, Peach Schnapps and Grenadine – it’s delicious) for $3.00. Also, if you have a taste for some flesh*, we are dishing out plates of Chili Nachos w/ a pitcher of Buzz or Cool for only $19.35.

There you have it.


*cow flesh, not human. vegan/veg options available.