Sneakiest Dee: Matt Herbert

Most of you have learned this by now that we have some pretty wicked staff here at Dee’s! In the past you’ve gotten to know Lindsay, Jay, Chris, and Kim! Now it’s time for you to meet Matt Herbert! Check out his Sneakiest Dee Interview below!

1.    How long have you worked here?

1 year 2 months

 2.    How Did you get here?

Travis Porter and Daniel Bray

 3.    Favourite part of working here?

Being around such a fun and loving staff

 4.    Best show you’ve attended here


 5.    Favourite Dee’s menu item?


 6.    Favourite music to listen to while working?

90’s Rap and Canadian punk rock.

7.    Favourite clothing you own?

Hate what you will, toque.

8.    Favourite method of transportation

Foot or bike.

 9.    Rich or famous?

Rich, I can be under the radar. I don’t wan to be famous, to many people know what you’re doing.

 10. Do you have any pets?

No pets just peeves.

 11. Worst thing that happened while working?

I was burned with a hot oil pan

12. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I don’t know that’s a hard question. Never really thought about it that much.

13. What would your 16-year-old self think of you now?

Damn you’re cool!

14. What’s Popin or Shake-a-tail?

Both are a great way to meet girls.

15. Favourite Beer on Tap?