2-For-1 Valentine’s Day Sale!!

If you haven’t noticed yet, Sneaky Dee’s loves you, and we’re showing you our love the best way we know how, by giving you a sweet deal on our SD25 limited edition tanks for Valentines Day! If you buy one SD25 tank in any size and color, we will give you ANOTHER one in any size and color for free! It’s 2-for-1!

It only makes sense. No one wants to be alone on Valentines Day, so pick up a tank, get one for free, and give it to someone who makes you feel special. “Oh, but Sneaky Dee’s, I don’t have a Valentine, what am I going to do?!?” – Well we’ll tell you what you’re gonna do. Grab these tanks, give one to your crush, and let everything else play out as it should. Because we all know that anyone who digs Dee’s merch as much as you must be the one!

So get over to http://sneaky-dees.com/shop/2-for-1-valentines-day-special/ and choose which SD25 tank you want, then email erin@audioblood.com with the details for your second, free tank. Don’t forget to show Sneaky Dee’s some love too and pick up some of our other great merch to go with your new tanks!