All The Specials Ever – Every Month on the 25th

Last month on the 25th we offered you, our amazing (but sometimes smelly) patrons all of our specials ever, all day long. We decided that since you guys are just so awesome we would offer you all the specials on the 25th of each month! That’s right, you can get any of the specials on the list all day long. Come in and get the Kings’ Crown nachos or Destroyer with a 60oz pitcher of Buzz or Cool beer for just $20.85! Or how about a full rack of ribs with fries for just $16.40? The options are endless. Not only will all the specials be available all day but there will also be other awesome #SD25 events happening on the 25th of each month as well!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars, on the 25th of each month get every special ever all day long. You’re very welcome. #SD25